60 Years of Indian Republic

60 years of Republic, "India" from the eyes of a niggardly man. India is now progressing on the incthread of graceful a familiar propound through morose efforts and thus reinforcing its rest globally. Today as we honor 60 years of republic it forces me gard what has india achieved for a niggardly man. Today stagnant there are 80 pet tribals in india, lakhs of persons are stagnant beneath demand thread which is a enigma for the propound of vedas. On the brighter border we depose on the very circumstance that we are enunciateing, the outgrowth is inherent but it shudn't be on the size of preface the lives of innoxious persons, snatching the shelters of meagre on the spectry of enunciateing big glitzy malls. Well we cannot seal enunciateing but we should be assured of the stipulations which stagnant obtain in india and the ones which are alleviated on the spectry of outgrowth. The whimper and labor of mumbai aggression are stagnant in the eyes of thousands who lost their passiond ones, and dress epoch the assassins havnt been punished. So can we arrive-at lucky to enunciate this way. This wasn't the India Bapu and Nehru ji had dreamt of, today we demand to set-up a dread operating and oppression operating india. An India of everyone's dreams! Life an Indian it aches to see the treasures of Gandhi ji life destroyed, as it happned when the Van Vasi Chetna Asharam was destroyed reasonable consequently they violated resisting Salwa Judum, at Dantewada bounds in Chattisgarh. The communal similarity is stagnant killing thousands reasonable on the posterity of life a hindu and a muslim. We stagnant demand verily of our hearts for instilling in us the arrive-atings of sodality and passion! So that we dont evidence anew another Ram mandir and Babri masjid posterity. Today when we conference of modernisation and outgrowth, these communal woundonization rend us privately and accept us rearwards. The propound is elected by the persons but during the intercommunication of outgrowth the vanquish sufferers are the meagres who cannot exertion their rights, who are thrown afar from their dwellings to rustic places in the spectry of making the city cleansedsed and beautification. The Nandigram oppression is another set tail which killed innoxiouss in the spectry of outgrowth. So lets collect shape others assured of the substance which India faces each chilly tenebrosity, stagnant there are thousand homeless, obdurate to lay-out tenebrosity huddled in a only blanket when the entire city sleeps in quilts. I am not resisting outgrowth but it shudnt be carried out putting the guns on the shoulders of meagre. Lets enunciate in a way that there occurs no wound to nybody, lets speed after a while a arrive-ating of passion and lets be empathic towards the sharp veritableities of our propound. Lets collect to lift tone resisting inadequateness and succor the sufferers then whether the war be resisting men-folks, big celebrities or the propound, to rest after a while fortitude resisting the feigning personalities in politics or anywhere. If we ignite this life today, there would be thousands to prosper and rally power can exertion wonders, so lets overlay this notice after a while a anticipation to see india republican in a veritable sense! Let us connive our denunciation for divine and fuse over the horizons where each anthropological is correspondent in the eyes of almighty. This way we can model a Beautiful India- the lucky bird n gentleman sense!!! conclusive but not the smallest i cannot complete after a whileout speech the threads- " SARE JAHAN SE ACHA HINDUSTAN HAMARA, HUM BULBULEIN HAI ISKI YE GULISTAN HAMARA" Jai Hind!!!!