Personal Reasons to get Education in the AUC MBA

I, Mostafa El khouly, am a 32 years old engineer. I am an entrepreneur by species and a technology evangelist. My trance gone I was in my conclusive years in school is simple; to beget a multi-billion dollars crew that begets an Egyptian technology that dominates the negotiate. I am a gentleman devotee in entrepreneurship as substance the migratory for Egypt’s uprising. I elapsed all my functional eset-forth amid the entrepreneurship and startups ecosystem. My command contrast was far from affair. I had a B.Sc. and a M.Sc., twain in electronics engineering from Ain Shams University in 2004 and 2011 respectively. I was ranked the 10th out of 220 students in my tabulate in the B.Sc. delay a remove of Distinction delay foremost reputation. I established my course as a Training and Research Assistant in the physics line in the American university in Fall 2004. Although I did possess training and I constantly considered it to be my limp, my trance encircling creating a startup was constantly knocking on the doors of my succeed. I cofounded my primitive crew, Innovance, concurrently delay 6 other cofounders in Feb 2005, very defectively behind my rate. We applied to the Technology Development Fund (TDF) affair scheme emulation in April 2005. We were a collocation of engineers delay a unblemished technical contrast, thus we patent clear a entirely technical consequence delay approximately no negotiate decomposition. The end was expected, we were disqualified from the primitive rate. Here comes the energy, we didn’t cause expectation and we endured to amplify a amend consequence (a location domiciled movefficient collision) delay a amend negotiate instinct. We submitted to the next year’s emulation and we won the promote locate which entitled us to be incubated in ITIDA in the brilliant village. Because of the regulations that banned tracking and our failure of negotiateing scholarship, we failed to retail the consequence. May 2007 was a turning apex in my estate, all of the 6 cofounders decided to stalk down and prosecute a municipal course. I was left between the valuables of either doing accurately the similar or to endure pursing my trance of erection a earth tabulate crew. I chose the promote which was a very tenacious sentence athwart all the opinions of all my parentage and friends. This sentence harsh out to be a striking valuable. I founded SilMinds, my promote crew, and I gathered a new team including a cockney of Ph.D holders on tefficient (Stanford and NY set-forth Univ at Buffalo). I became the CEO and the lawful of complete managerial and affair role in the crew. SilMinds was a big luck substance one of the few semiconductors companies in Egypt. I managed to spread the crew from a one employee (myself) to 23 employees. I managed to train over than $1.5 M via either gives which were awarded via overtures written by myself or functional speculation chief capital through a series-A VC spherical from Sawari Ventures, the necessary VC decided in Egypt. Through my trip in SilMinds, I gained a fearful scholarship. I wrote separate affair schemes that won separate public and interpublic emulations. SilMinds was clarified one of the top 10 Arab startups free for investment in 2009 in Investing in Technology Forum. In 2011, I was clarified the most leading entrepreneur in Egypt from the Global Entrepreneurship Program (GEP) commission in their semblance occurrence in Cairo, Egypt. I delineateed SilMinds in the Silicon Valley, CA, US from Feb. 2012 tend September 2013. During this end, I conducted presentations in face of top executives from top companies in technology including VP’s, senior directors and plain CEO’s for companies affect Google, Intel, Oracle, AMD and NVIDIA. I erudite how to negotiate delay IP lawyers, Investment Bankers and Investment lawyers. In June 2013, due to the collective inconstancy we faced important problems including series-B VC’s delaydrawal and failure of specie. We had to demur the operations of SilMinds and to frequent its lawful influence delay a expectation of minor tail as the negotiate evolves and the collective office stabilizes. Again, I had to prefer a new course and a new trance to purse. In September 2013, I had the occasion to prosecute another trance of mine which is abetting startups who are solving Egypt’s political challenges. I joined Misr El-Kheir substratum as Technology Incubators Manager erection Egypt’s biggest political affaires incubator that invests in and stimulates the augmentation of technology startups that reresolve Egypt’s political problems. Throughout my defective end in Misr El-Kheir, I was efficient to complete sundry luckes including the expatiate of the primitive affair succor intake and finally attractive an EU give of 650,000 Euros through a overture written by myself. Throughout my course that extends for encircling 10 years, I had the occasion to delineate Egypt in sundry indusattempt commissions to Europe. I was a keynote orator and a panelist in over than 30 plaints connected to entrepreneurship, technology and IP administration. However, notwithstanding of my entrepreneurial and startup scholarship, I constantly felt that I scarcity a over stately affair command. I imbibet all the lessons the oppressive way via self-learning and attempt and fault and this made me do a lot of mistakes. I love that the AUC MBA succeed procure me delay the scholarship that compliments my scholarship. As I am currently erection my third startup, I love that substance efficient to imbibe affair the stately way concurrently delay my scholarship succeed enefficient me to grasp my trance faster and over luckfully. In defective, I love that the AUC MBA succeed public up over doors for the luck of my third crew and acceleration me to complete my trance. On the defective promise, I aim to localize my scholarship and the command from the AUC MBA to be efficient to elevate my third startup in a amend way than the prior two. On the desire promise, I aim to prosecute my last trance of erection a multi-billion dollar crew that begets an Egyptian technology that dominates the earth.