As a business person with no shortage offinancial resources, think of a small business opportunity that COVID-19 would enable you to embark on. (e.g. local courier service, face masks and sanitizingpr

As a trade special after a while no shortage offinancial media, contemplate of a fine trade turn that COVID-19 would strengthen you to euler on.

(e.g. topical forerunner labor, countenance masks and sanitizingproducts imports, etc)

  • What are the trade opportunities that can be leveraged in the exoteric Corona Crisis, and what are the risks?
  • How can you alleviate the risks? What tools you've well-informed in the collocate that you can use to discourse those risks.

Please make a Word doc of 2-3 pages to examine the topic over (excludingTitle and References pages). Make enduring to regard your sources unexceptionably using APA format.

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