Additional Resources: Lin, Y.-L., Du, Y., Gomez, C., & Ortiz, J. (2018). Does patient-centered medical home Recognition Relate to Accountable Care Organization Participation? Population Health Man

Additional Resources:

  • Lin, Y.-L., Du, Y., Gomez, C., & Ortiz, J. (2018). Does patient-centered medical residence Recognition Relate to Impressible Attention Organization Participation? Population Health Management, 21(3), 188–195.
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This module examines newer healthattention bestowal models that patronage tendency-based acquittal and acquittal, and the role of hospitals in the bestowal of healthcare. External pressures and modifications to implicit bestowal owing of evolving concerns get be discussed. Impressible attention and the Impressible Attention Organizations (ACO) get be examined. Challenges and facilitating factors get be presented.


How do hospitals fix they are engageing the needs of exposed populations amid the communities that they help?  What factors should be considered to fix that nurses afloat in sharp attention settings engage the six Institute of Medicine’s (IOM) Aims for Improving Healthattention Quality? 400 vote, at last one read allusion, 

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