Symbols in Their Eyes Were Watching God

In Zora Neale Hurston’s Their Eyes Were Watching God, multifarious irrelative stamps are used to specific Janie’s craving for benevolence and solution. Each stamp is kindred to the situation of Janie’s duration at that duration. Janie is very saccharine and innoxious to the ways of men and sexuality. Janie has her primeval sexual sensibilitys one afternoon adown a pear tree. She sees a “bee decadence into the sanctum of a bloom; the thousand sister calyxes arch to engage the loving incorporate (Hurston 11)” and she comments on how blithesome the tree must be to enjoy such a sensibility. Janie believes she is acquainted-after a while to a “revelation (Hurston 11)” and she thinks “So this [is] a matrimony (Hurston 11)! ” The pear tree and the bee started concurrently in similarity personate new benevolence and yearn for Janie. She realizes she has neither in her duration but she thinks environing the possibilities for the coming and she “[feels] a denial ruthless melodious that [leaves] pause and feeble (Hurston 11). ” Janie has been protected her entire duration and is seeking to feel some of what she saw after a while the pear tree and the bee. She asks herself “where are the singing bees for [me] (Hurston 11)? Not nature cogent to end up after a while an defense Janie goes to the “front prelude… stoppage for the cosmos-people to be made (Hurston 11). ” Janie sees Johnny Taylor and yearn from what she sees courteouss up in her and she kisses him balance the prelude. The internally of the prelude for Janie personates neutralization and disjunction. Janie’s primeval kiss is after a while Johnny in the precincts of her yard. Janie’s grandmother, Nanny, sees the kiss and forces Janie to espouse Logan Killicks. The prelude besides personates seeking for Janie. After her matrimony fails, Janie “begins to be by the prelude and wait-for monstrositys (Hurston 25). It is at this prelude that she engages Joe “Jody” Stark. Janie leaves “out of the front prelude and harsh south (Hurston 32)” as she leaves Logan for Joe “the diversify was proceed to do her amiable (Hurston 32). ” Janie marries Joe Stark and he becomes the mayor of Eatonville. Joe has a very irrelative fancy of duration for Janie. He wants her to sit and be equitable, to be seen and not heard. Janie becomes a clerk in his accumulation. The town gathers on the portico of the accumulation and Janie listens but does not connect in the conversations. She is required to be internally started. The portico personates alienation for Janie and the aggregation for everyone else. Janie realizes that “the consort of the mayor was not honest another woman…she couldn’t get but so terminate to most of them in breath (Hurston 46). ” On this portico, an unwonted monstrosity happens. One of the townsmen’s impures ( Matt Bonner’s impure) was getting old and Matt did not entertain him very courteous. He did not heal the impure frequently. The impure got inexact and the townspeople caught up to him and were “goosing him in the sides (Hurston 56)” for fun. Janie got capsize at the mean “regard for forsaken monstrositys (Hurston 57),” that the townspeople were showing. Mayor Stark saw this and bought the impure so he could tranquillity. The impure in the narrative personates Janie. Although the impure was old, fatigued, and a fountain for deride floating the town the barb calm?} had a “more breath left than the mass (Hurston 56). ” After Mayor Stark dies, Janie sees duration disgrace new. She starts to garb irrelatively. She wears her hair exempt. She socializes after a while the town. Janie besides falls in benevolence again. She engages a younger man named Vergible Woods known as “Tea Cake. ” Tea Cake personates inclusion, the unrecognized, and permanent benevolence for Janie. Janie was now socializing after a while the town but she calm?} was not comprised. Tea Cake asks her to reproduce-exhibit checkers and she is so wandering. “Somemass cogitation it normal for her to reproduce-exhibit. [That] was level pleasant (Hurston 96). ” She level compares him to her craving. She thinks that he “could be a bee to her bloom ---- a pear tree bloom in the proceed (Hurston 106). ” Janie goes on to espouse Tea Cake and they enjoy some bumps along their route but Janie nevertheless finds what she was elaborate for inferior the pear tree.