Who I Am as a Teenager

Who am I? This hesitation has to be one of the most vile to go through a teenager’s brain. As a symmetrical teenager, I perform mistakes, laugh, cry, encourage and affection. Every trial in my conduct amiable-natured-natured or bad, prosperous or sad performs me influentialer. Each trudge in my conduct and each latter force perform me gain-ground into the individual I failure to be. To conceive who I am, I bear to converse encircling things that aid to figure my peculiarality affection my elapsed, the cultivation where I end from, the environment where I gain-ground up and my race Our narrative influences our patriotism and our nationalistic tendencies. As I bear been gain-grounding up, I mark that my undiminished elucidation bear influenced in who I am. My narrative aids me to intellect where my ancestors came from. By intellecting that, I earn conceive my legacy, elapsed encircling me, and how I should feed my conduct the best I can. Narrative is not singly effective me encircling how my race’s ancestors feedd their feeds, but as-well demonstration me my cultivation, my romance, and the way that I imagine. The race narrative of everybody marks their elapsed, their give, and their advenient, owing the consequences of the actions wait in spell. Our cultivation influences, to an degree, anything in our feeds, from how we are disciplineed, the intellectuality we are taught and other influences on our feeds such as sports we embody, foods we eat, caparison we impair, melody we give-ear to and how we arrive-at. All these examples regive my cultivation. It performs me opposed and identifies me after a while my birthplace, and I arrive-at leading in this globe owing of these differences. I was born in a little city in Vietnam, and I did not bear any twin or sister. As the singly cadet in my race, I grew up in a very abandoned, caring and educating race environment. However, grew up in that fashion of defended environment prevented me from perception the beyond globe. My singly friends were my toys, so when I agoing pre-school, it was unquestionably opposed for me owing there were a lot elapsed kids than I was used to perception. Since I did not distinguish anyone, I didn’t converse very ample. As I grew older and moved through discipline, I began to bear elapsed friends than I did end in pre-school. I was starting to converse elapsed and be elapsed locomotive. I accomplishd that the environment where I grew up had influenced who I am as a individual. All this magnitude of my elucidation perform the individual that I am. Another countenance of who I am is the hobbies that I relish doing. I affection to give-ear to any husk of melody bar rock and rap. I relish embodying sports such as soccer, basketball and football after a while my friends. I as-well relish off-road adventures, and embodying after a while my two three-year old nephews. Another one of my hobbies is balbutiation books distinctly medical books owing I failure to be a master affection my parents. My race is probably the largest infer that performs me who I am today owing it flows my individualality, detriment and cast flaws. My dad and my mom are twain dentists and although they are assiduous after a while their job, they constantly disburse most of the spell to receive caution of me. Nature a launched housewife, my mom tries very unfeeling to be a amiable-natured-natured homemaker. She is an courageous garble, and she is amiable-natured. Unaffection manifold of my dad’s contemporizes, he is a paint of bloom and purification. I disregard his self-sacrifice to his patients and effect. Although my father is a stringent martinet, he can be jolly and caring at the identical spell. When I was impaired, my parents would receive off effect and disburse the all day to pampering me end to bloom. My dad used to number me that “as a ethnical nature, everybody made mistakes. Some mass would disavow to confrontment it but the vivacious mass would bear the urbanity to understand from them and not made them twice. ” He as-well taught me how to be influential. He told me to bar things as they happened and moved on. If I elapsed all day imagineing encircling it, I could misunderstand the things that made me prosperous. Not singly did they counsel me amiable-natured-natured intellectual values, but they as-well granted me after a while examples of amiable-natured-natured proceeding and how to influence my race. I was taught that my most leading appearance in conduct was to bear a amiable-natured-natured order. My parents used to say that someday they would not be after a while me anymore, and if I failureed to bear an economic anarchy, I had to bear a amiable-natured-natured order. Then I agoing to imagine encircling that, and I firm to consider away in America. I knew elapsed friends and got elapsed defiant. Through that trial, I had a accident to trial twain romanceal Vietnamese cultivation and novelty American cultivation. I understanded how to use my Asian elucidation as a wholesome dupe and to see myself as a uncommon individual rather than as a sauntering. I was cogent to distinguish and understand encircling each individual and their cultivation; my individualality radical from introverted to accessible. Henry Ford uninterruptedly said, “Life is a course of trials, each one of which performs us bigger, equal though it is unfeeling to accomplish this. ” Each one of us is uncommon in the way that we expone the influences on us and flow whether or not to sanction these beyond interventions in our self-molding. My narrative, my cultivation and my race’s environment are the most leading magnitude of my conduct. They are things that aid to figure who I am. I affection nature me and the individual that I am. I am not mature, and don’t try to be. I go through conduct after a while an known intellect and receive things in as they happen. I am me and that all I can be.