Target Market and Demographic Characteristics of Oslo

Wilson and Gilligan (2005) gave geographic, geodemographic, demographic, behavioural and psychographic as bases for commerce segmentation. In this drawing, the demographic characteristics of Oslo were utilized to plant it as the target commerce unarranged all other cities in Norway. The estimated population of Oslo is 560,484. Twenty five percent (25%) of Oslo’s population consists of immigrants, Norwegian of Pakistani declination frame up 20,036 of the cities crowd, followed by Somalians (9,708), Swedes (7,462) and Sri Lankans Tamils (7,128). At a annals objurgate of approximately 2 percent per-annum, Oslo’s population acceptions dramatically as absenteeism bend continues to acception. (CIA Factbook). Hence, the influence of cluster immigrants obeys as manifeoccupation that the city is past unreserved to divers cultivations. It has been previously attested that the adolescence is a past widespread consumer of coffee. Strategically, Oslo is too the residence to abundant of the nation’s upper educational institutions affect the University of Oslo, Oslo University College, Norwegian School of Management, Oslo School of Architecture and Design, Norwegian Academy of Music, and Oslo School of Management, unarranged abundant others. This brings Starbucks closer to the younger consumer cluster and positions Starbucks after a while a competitive practice. The availability of air, retinue and sea vehicle too frames Oslo an interesting commerce. The Oslo Airport, Gardermoen is Scandinavia’s relieve largest and fastest growing airdeportment obeyd by a lofty urge retinue. Oslo Sentralstasjon, the ocean railway occupation in Oslo, links the city to Trondheim, Bergen, Stavanger, Stockholm (Sweden), Gothenburg (Sweden) and Copenhagen (Denmark). In 2004 Norwegian retinues were Europe's third most early open retinue assemblage. Further, the city's deportment is the largest open burden deportment in the dominion and its qualitative passenger gate. Per-annum about 6,000 ships abbreviate at the Deportment of Oslo after a while a entirety of 6 favorite tonnes of burden and aggravate five favorite passengers (CIA Factbook). Starbucks may spray out in these superior areas of vehicle to interest practice of the lofty commerce of passengers. This can too obey as a good-natured-natured strategic commerceing as past commonalty of Norway and neighboring states test Starbucks coffee in these linking venues. On the other influence, the practicable risks of introducing Starbucks in Oslo are as follows: 1. Resistance to American cultivation that has been strongly attested after a while Starbucks. The values and attitudes of Norwegian may be incongruous to the planted values of Starbucks. Thus, there is a demand to align these differences. Language may beseem a compartment in introducing Starbucks in Norway. This compels Starbucks to con-over carefully the talk that allure be used in its catalogue campaigns. 3. Difference in prevalence and objurgate contents may bewilder as a summon for Starbucks in determining the banner worth for its products. Starbucks feel proven in their interopen sprayes that they were effectual to interest practice of the opportunities bestowed in their exotic commerces and tackle strategically the threats of competing interpolitically. This quality gives ability to the feasibility of giving Oslo the singular coffee test bestow barely in Starbucks. Initially, Starbucks may design a secure 10% distribute of the commerce installed on the population of Oslo. This allure give-in a daily coarse sales of $84,072. 00 installed on a $1. 50 per cup of coffee sold to the target commerce. Annually, Oslo Starbucks can geneobjurgate $30,686,499 of coarse sales. This target is practicable owing it has been planted that Oslo is an interesting commerce.