SWOT Strengths • Acquiring citizenship can succor immigrants’ strive commerce outcomes, municipal pledge, and gregarious participation (Bevelander & Pendakur, 2007) • Canada has been conducive to stir a portion of tolerance and inclusion (Ng & Metz, 2014) • Canada has been conducive to incline skilled strive, irrelevant principal (trodden sieges), and a big compute of intergregarious students • politicians in Canada accept tended to action multiculturalism to produce gregarious gains Threats • immigrant youths in Canada fame inferior acuteness and amend structure than immigrant youths in France, where assimilation into French communion is required (Berry & Sabatier, 2010) • Canada and Australia accept considerable balance public citizenship and coarse multiculturalism policies (Multiculturalism Policy Index, 2010), they to-boot situate a stronger argument on economic qualifications (e.g., notice, skills, and abilities) in the excerption of immigrants. • French-speaking and Autochthonic Canadians see themselves as incongruous and disunited from ethnic minorities, and multiculturalism as an ideology is perceived as a intimidation to their own identities and aspirations for self-determination (see Winter, 2011) • French Canadians (i.e., Quebecers), in feature, see (Anglophone) multiculturalism and cultural multitudinousness to be a intimidation to their aspirations for self-governance and nation-building, preferring an opinion “intercultural” design (Bouchard & Taylor, 2008). Social fruit teaching SWOT Strengths • Holistic exercitation orientation • Generalist exercitation orientation • Linkage betwixt hypothesis and exercitation • Increased cultural relevance • Quality programs • Continued require for gregarious fruiters • Values of the profession Weaknesses • Identity emergency • Inability to raise the profession • Diffuse notice base • Values conflict • Unprepared to as signification of fruit • Insufficient autochthonic and manifest juvenility members of the profession • Gregarious fruit a residual chattels of subsidence (Westhues et al, 2001) Opportunities • Design of require chattelsive programs which as client wants • Development of managerial affluence in gregarious fruiters • Extend job opportunities through privatization • Articulation of gregarious fruit competencies (Westhues et al, 2001) Threats • Trend to neoliberalism • Increasing identification delay the bureaucracy • Increasing managerialization • Increased aggregation responsibility for labor delivery • Interdisciplinary (Westhues et al, 2001) Economic SWOT Strengths • Entrepreneurial support: Canadian synod supports entrepreneurship • Niche commerce enlargement: Canada has seen an enlargement of gain through exporting in niche commerces delay Canadian diamonds and the ice wine toil • Suppress to Americans: Canada has seen the avails of stout commerce residue delay America Weaknesses • Dependency on the US: Occasion the influence to America serves as a avail to Canada, the dependency can be a weakness • The questionable Canadian dollar: The Canadian dollar has been up and down (in-great-measure down) which has sloth motived a rift throughout the kingdom Opportunities • Emerging commerces: there is considerable convenience delay exporting to intergregarious commerces. Threats • The bankruptcy of stores: The low Canadian dollar has intimidationened the maintenance of abundant Canadian transactiones • Loonie united to oil: The dollar (a.k.a. loonie) has a apaspect delay the oil toil and loftier oil prices (Frue, 2016). Transportation SWOT Strengths • Largest chideway in Canada, in provisions of proceeds and tangible bulk of its chide network • 22000 employees and almost 20,000+ miles of way network • Diversified and balanced portfolio of goods • Serves suppress to three fourth of the U.S. population and all elder Canadian commerces • Strong mark nature in the toil Weaknesses • Overdependence on Canadian commerce. • Decreasing vicious gain margins. • Low layer of intergregarious operations compared to its peers Opportunities • Strategic acquisitions to enlargement commerce distribute • Enlargement in global fertilizers and unwandering chemical s sector • Increasing require of coal in US Threats • Slowdown in US arrangement • Intense two-of-a-trade • Regulatory stipulations (Canadian, 2008). In honor of Canada, the United States is the bigst and most momentous commerce in the cosmos-vulgar and a noble prize siege in R & D and teaching. Its arrangement is driven by consumers and law on the not-public sector succors intercept monopolies. There is stationary a big population of vulgar influence in want. Disparities in affluence hold and closing prophylactic coverage for all vulgar. Bclosing America is intimidationened by global two-of-a-tenure and some hire are nature decomposed. There has been an enlargement in spending by consumers and this succors produce inheritance and enlargement for the arrangement. Financial aid is supposing through tax aid but job losses, elevation unemployment, house/mortgage emergency and consumers paying balance for basic necessities is issues that want to be fixed for the United States o remain to be on top of the commerce. Foreign Trodden Siege (FDI) The integration of the cosmos-people’s plain economies has been manifested, in segregate, by a dramatic soften in irrelevant trodden siege (FDI) by multiexoteric corporations. Canada’s sluggish assurance on the United States as its aspect near dominant trading segregateners. Extraneous FDI is of essential signification for countries such as Canada that prosecute to subdue the limitations of feeble domiciliary commerces (Mullen & Williams, 2011). A discuss remains balance whether inner FDI, featurely from the United States, achieve wound Canadian industries and motive a “hollimputable out” of their economic sway. The framefruit of a polite-designed return design. Canada’s arrangement is strongly oriented towards intergregarious siege, delay bilateral FDI stores having almost tripled betwixt 1990 and 2007. Yet it has behove a net exporter of principal late the mid-1990s, may-be imputable to its relatively inflictive tax plan and public reposerictions on inbound irrelevant siege (Mullen & Williams, 2011). The signification of twain stores of FDI for Canada, exposed as a percentage of GDP, exceeds the G-7 middle (Holden, 2008). Canada’s commerce flows, delay the United States accounting for 73.5 % and 63.7 % of its exports and imports, honorively (Foreign Affairs and Intergregarious Commerce Canada, 2008). Canadian FDI into a assemblage arrangement (OUTFDI) had no momentous chattels on exports to that kingdom. A undesigning definition of this sentence is that Canadian exports do not answer to be displaced by trodden siege aloof; this implies an enlargement in intra-firm commerce from Canadian firms to their irrelevant affiliates. Tariff jumping could be segregate of the motivation after the enlargement in extraneous FDI by Canadian firms (Mullen & Williams, 2011). Canada has a crave and vast inhospitableness to irrelevant sieges, which administer environing 43% of all manufacturing output during the specimen date in all segments of plant-bulk classes during the date 1973 to 1999 (Baldwin and Wang, 2011). Baldwin and Peters (2001) surveyed that 46% of Canadian firms cited customers (in downstream industries) as an momentous origin of novelty, 28% cited suppliers (in upstream industries), and 28% cited competitors (in the identical toil). Canada is dominated by FDI originating from the most technologically actiond kingdom. Irrelevant trodden sieges (FDI) affiliates enjoy-pi in all manufacturing industries in Canada (Wang, 2013). Inward FDI may accept bulky avails for assemblage economies, including such things as advance to principal, productivity spill-overs, novelty spill-overs and tenure falsehood (Bobonis & Shatz, 2007). The avails of FDI for plain economies, accordingly, create a theoretically momentous origin of economic enlargement. The elderity of Siege elevation agencies (IPAs) representing the Canadian territory of British Columbia are located in emerging commerces, not plain commerces. In truth, British Columbia has balance offices in China than in any other target arrangement (Anderson & Sutherland, 2015). Cosmos-vulgar Commerce Organization (WTO) members aspiration to win a transaction in Canada for balance than $369 darling must rafter critique to assess whether the siege is of ‘net avail’ to Canada (Industry Canada, 2015). Canada’s noble razes of inner FDI (IFDI) balance the late twenty-five years shows its improved transaction portion, inaudible reposerictions on irrelevant holding, and a happy arrangement. Canada is one of the G-7 economies most public to inner FDI: subordinately balance than one-fifth of Canada's completion pis are administerled by irrelevant companies. Canada has traditionally had comparatively noble indispensable barriers to inner FDI shapeless plain economies, including in labors such as banking. Canada remains to charge sector-specific reposerictions and its powers to critique paramount sieges and the other irrelevant sieges delay the immanent to intimidationen exoteric confidence (Acharya, Rao, Bhattacharjee, ; Wright, 2010). The store of Canadian trodden siege aloof rose 3.4% to $1,121.1 billion in 2017 as enlargementd siege zeal in Europe and North America was segregateially offset by the downward revaluation chattels of a stronger Canadian dollar opposing the US dollar. The store of irrelevant trodden siege in Canada enlargementd 1.9% to $824.0 billion, in-great-measure reflecting funds invested by irrelevant trodden investors in holding affiliates. As a termination, Canada's net trodden siege aspect delay the repose of the cosmos-vulgar widened by $22.1 billion in 2017 to $297.1 billion (Foreign, 2018). The enlargement in the prize of Canadian trodden siege aloof in 2017 was primarily due to loftier siege aspects in Europe (+7.7%) and North America (+1.9%). The loftier aspects in Europe were segregately attributconducive to the upward revaluation chattels of a inferior Canadian dollar opposing the Euro (-6.2%) and British triturate (-2.4%). In North America, the sensation of the Canadian dollar opposing the US dollar (+6.6%) offset some of the enlargement in siege into that portion. The store of Canadian trodden siege in the United States remaind to soften in 2017, up 4.9% to $504.8 billion (Foreign, 2018). The US distribute of balanceall Canadian trodden siege aloof rose to 45.0% by the end of 2017, its nobleest raze late 2008 but stationary polite underneath the peak razes of the coming 1990s. In Europe, the store of Canadian trodden siege enlargementd 7.7% to $288.4 billion follimputable a feeble extricate in 2016. The enlargement was in-great-measure due to loftier siege in the United Kingdom, Luxembourg and Netherlands. The store of trodden siege to-boot enlargementd in Asia and Oceania (+4.9%) and Africa (+3.7%). South America was the uncombined portion to support a decline in the store of trodden siege (-1.0%). On an deed cause, the irrelevant trodden siege aspect in Canada, in the create of equity, grew 3.6% to $684.9 billion in 2017, occasion the aspect in the create of something-due deeds extricated 5.9% to $139.1 billion. Equity accounted for 83.1% of the store of irrelevant trodden siege in Canada, compared delay 93.2% for the store of Canadian trodden siege aloof (Foreign, 2018).