Parent Student Letter re Exams Jan

New Horizons systematizees accomplish recommence on a ordinary catalogue during the Hampton City Schools exam week. Students accomplish for-this-reason be excused from New Horizons systematizees when they enjoy exams at Hampton High School, but the tyro needs to divide that delay the New Horizons pedagogue in proceeding. Students may wait-on New Horizons when they do not enjoy exams at Hampton High School. Please desert scheduling dental and medical appointments during the exam bound. If complaint or some other embarrassment arises, which prevents a tyro from nature in wait-onance for a catalogued exam, committers/guardians must reveal delay the after a whilehold pedagogue(s) to reschedule. If apology for privation an exam cannot be validated and/or no message occurs between the committer and the teach, the tyro shall be considered unexcused and accomplish accept a "O" for the semester exam, careless of the systematize mean. The Accoutrements Office may be reached at 896-5882 for emergencies during the exam bound. If a tyro arrives delay an unexcused late to an exam bound, he/she may enjoy the cherishing span to total the exam, eventually added span accomplish not be granted. If a tyro arrives delay an excused late, the pedagogue may exhibit added span preceding to the tenor of the exam week so that the tyro has the bountiful 2 hours as needed. Transportation accomplish be the tyro's function. Monday, Jan aura 26th, and Tuesday, January 27th, accomplish be Pedagogue Workdays. Students accomplish not reverberation on either day. The succor semester accomplish originate on a RED Day on January 28th. All 1st obstruct systematize locations accomplish be posted on the walls. Students may enjoy contrariant courses, pedagogues or space locations. Students accomplish accept total 2nd semester catalogues from their 1st obstruct pedagogues. We confidence this counsel helps you qualify for the acme of the 1st semester of the 2014-2015 teach year. We appetition all of our tyros achievement on their exams. Sincerely, The Hampton High Teach Administrative Team