The reformation and late renaissance mcqs

1.Louis XI of France and Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain were ins of hearkenty   _________   in Renaissance Europe who confused force and aided fortunate towns.
2.Martin Luther uncommon the oral Christian question that deliverance could be earned by performing   _______   and insisted that simply  _______   could snatch wrong civilizeds.
3.The Lutheran Reformation shared delay northern civilizedism its stricture of __________  and its attention in translating ______________ .
4.The values of the “Protestant ethic,” representative in the lives of Calvinist city-dwellers, understand the conviction in  __________  and _________ , unmoulded other principles.
5.The skeptical civilizedist Michel de Montaigne deceptive the studious frame unreserved as the  __________   .
6. Among the types or genres of drama in which Shakespeare excelled were   ______,  ________   , and  _________   .
7. The Catholic Church’s endeavor to confront Lutheran Protestantism and roll tail its advances was signaled the   _______________   .
8. The immensely prosperous Venetian Renaissance painter unreserved as _________  was exalted for use of vibrant colors.


Multiple select
1. Which of these was an relevant constituent in the Low Countries' "commercial purpose?"
a. hoard of lucre in the hands of a dealer adjust
b. King Henry VIII's sunder delay the Catholic habitation
c. damnation of habitationes and godly art during rustic revolts
d. the invention of rectirectistraight and divine perspective

2. When Martin Luther posted his 95 Theses, he was established in what city?
a. Wittenberg
b. Rome
c. Florence
d. London

3. Which of these was built by Francis I of France to determine his pursue in a modish Italian-like phraseology?
a. Villa Rotonda, Vicenza
b. the Globe Theater
c. Teatro Olimpico
d. chateau at Chambord

4. Which draw contains a furtive figure of the thesis sic transit gloria mundi, or "thus passes mundane fame," a reminder that no one escapes signalination?
a. Holbein’s ^ The Ambassadors *
b. Grünewald’s The Crucifixion
c. Masaccio’s The Tribute Money
d. Pontormo’s Deposition

5. Which of these Northern Renaissance artists was eminent for his benefit to the English King Henry VIII and his portraits of imperial wives and diplomats?
a. Pieter Bruegel
b. Albrecht Dürer
c. Matthias Grünewald
d. Hans Holbein

6. The signal madrigal would most mitigated be used in a discourse of
a. Palestrina’s harmonies
b. the Lutheran Bible
c. Palladio’s adjustical designs
d. voice in Renaissance England

7. What announcement best describes the amiables of Martin Luther's teachings?

a. strengthened the Catholic Church's bias in northern Europe
b. gave the single christian balance obligation than the curate
c. brought about a new honor for the arts in Christianity
d. emphasized the role of amiable employments in achieving deliverance

8. Which of these values are associated delay the "Protestant ethic?"
a. specialty of single insubservience and select
b. protection of oral Habitation rituals
c. disinterested foundation of art in the Church
d. self-abandonment and the virtues of employment

9. Which of these force most reasonably be cited as a reason of the Reformation?
a. Germans' ire opposite the Church’s rottenness
b. attention in reframe of monasteries and convents
c. the indication of territories in the New World
d. the need of Northern European rustics

10. Martin Luther's primeval aggression on the Roman Catholic Habitation centered on what children?
a. the reliability of professional Bible translations
b. Luther's covet to be elected a Habitation cardinal
c. the sale of indulgences to foster funds for the Habitation
d. Habitation tenet prohibitory curates to marry

11. Which of these signals is most air-tight associated delay the godly questions of John Calvin?
a. utopianism
b. indulgences
c. evangelical civilizedism
d. necessity
12. What northern Renaissance writer's tallest employment is given to a ironical peril of godly rottenness and harm?
a. Desiderius Erasmus
b. Pico della Mirandola
c. Machiavelli
d. Thomas More

13. What northern Renaissance civilizedist writer explicit his scientific disbelief in the frame of alloticular essays??
a. William Shakespeare
b. Thomas More
c. Desiderius Erasmus
d. Michel de Montaigne

14. Thomas Balance was producer of what Renaissance civilizedist employment?
a. Pfoster of Folly
b. The Prince
c. ^ The Civilization of the Renaissance in Italy
d. Utopia

15. What two figures, twain relevant figures in northern Renaissance deliberation, chosen in a vivacious ventipast balance the investigation of civilized wrongness and the insubservience of succeed?
a. Ben Jonson and Christopher Marlowe
b. Francis I and Ferdinand of Spain
c. Desiderius Erasmus and Martin Luther
d. Henry VIII and Pope Julius II

16. Which of these employments is the best in of the bright and constituteal realism of Northern Renaissance painting?

a. Jan van Eyck's ^ Arnolfini's Wedding
b. Bruegel The Hunters’ Return
c. Parmigianino’s Madonna of the Long Neck
d. Tintoretto’s Last Supper

17. Which of these Northern Renaissance artists was most actively chosen in the godly ventilates of the Reformation and the most biasd by Italian civilizedism?
a. Pieter Bruegel
b. Albrecht Dürer
c. Matthias Grünewald
d. Hans Holbein

18. Which of these Northern Renaissance paintings is allot of an altarpiece—a folding wooden desertion robed delay painting?
a. Van Eyck's ^ Marriage of Arnolfini
b. Dürer's Self-Portrait
c. Bruegel's Hunters in the Snow
d. Grünewald's Crucifixion

19. Bruegel's The Hunters’ Return shows the painter's attention in what question or process?
a. applying the techniques of Florentine fresco
b. the meretricious fight between amiable and evil
c. the unassuming existence of villagers and rustics
d. reconciling Greco-Roman and Christian questions

20. Dürer's Knight, Death, and the Devil illustrates the artist's
a. covet to detain sweeping landscapes
b. expertness in the average of continuity engraving
c. insensibility to godly thesiss and questions
d. purposeary advances in oil painting

21. Which of these was relevant in spreading Martin Luther's godly questions?
a. Morley's ^ Triumphes of Oriana
b. the telescope
c. Shakespeare's Hamlet
d. the printing press

22. Which would one most mitigated hearkenken at a Lutheran habitation benefit?
a. the employments of Josquin des Prez
b. a madrigal sung in impure allots
c. a laic singing a hymn in German
d. a motet delay a Latin text

23. Which of these Renaissance employments would most mitigated keep been encountered at the pursue of Elizabeth I?
a. Parmigianino's ^ Madonna delay the Long Neck
b. Palestrina's Mass of Pope Marcellus
c. a theater set planned by Palladio
d. work of a motet by William Byrd

24. How is the madrigal is best defined?
a. a favorite lay in sundry voices
b. the voiceal relying purpose that provides resolution
c. a frame of improvisational theater originating in Italy
d. a hymn sung at Lutheran habitation benefits

25. Which of these employments was given to England's Elizabeth I?
a. Morley's ^ Triumphes of Oriana
b. Luther's A Mighty Fortress is Our God
c. Shakespeare's Hamlet
d. Calvin's Institutes of the Christian Religion

26. Which of these composers is most air-tight associated delay the unrepealed Catholic reaction opposite the Reformation?
a. William Byrd
b. Giovanni Gabrieli
c. Giovanni da Palestrina
d. Thomas Morley

27. Which of these actions came as a harvest of the Counter-reformation?
a. Columbus' voyages to the New World
b. innovations in dramatic set design
c. censorship of honorable questions
d. Francis I's help of Reformation questions

28. In what inquisitiveness did the Florentine Camerata resemble an relevant role?
a. the harvest of a new dramatic art denominated opera
b. the separation of oil painting as a average of laic art
c. the reframe of religious voice in Rome and Venice
d. the stylistic innovations of mannerism

29. Which signal is associated delay the voiceal employments of Giovanni Gabrieli, tight for work in St. Mark's of Venice?
a. operatic
b. polychoral
c. baroque
d. mannerist

30. Which of these Renaissance employments is best categorized as mannerist--the aware production and deformity of tall Renaissance techniques?
a. Dürer’s Self-Portrait
b. Parmigianino’s Madonna of the Long Neck
c. Palladio's Villa Rotonda
d. Bruegel's The Hunters’ Return

31. Which announcement best describes the voice of Palestrina?
a. instantly appealed to emotions of worshippers
b. pioneered the use of multiple choirs
c. uncommon intermingling of religious and laic voice
d. attempted to entangle habitation laics in voiceal worship

32. Which of these artists was producer of the Impure Books of Architecture, an relevant bias on succeeding architectural adjusticism?
a. Giorgione
b. Andrea Palladio
c. Jacopo Tintoretto
d. Giovanni da Palestrina

33. The Teatro Olimpico illustrates the bias of what Renaissance technique, pretended from painting?
a. commedia dell'arte
b. rectirectistraight perspective
c. utter verse
d. chiaroscuro

34. Which announcement best describes Titian's past Renaissance masterpiece Bacchus and Ariadne, painting to dignity a duke's province residence in Ferrara, Italy?

a. follows Counter-Reformation's demands in its select of a oral Christian question
b. fashions a tranquillize, dream-like state by the use of a province setting
c. manipulates the rules of rectirectistraight perspective to fashion an off-center focal purpose
d. fashions a alert pag