Stanford rosenberg computing | Social Science homework help

9.11 Stanford Rosenberg Computing wants to organize an galaxy length for supple a new issue, the Personal Digital Assistant (PDA). The functions, function dates, and contiguous predecessors for the functions are as follows:

Task                Time               Immediate Processor

            A                     12                    -

            B                     15                    A

            C                     8                      A

            D                     5                      B,C

            E                      20                    D




Rosenberg’s end is to effect 180 PDAs per hour.

 a) What is the cycle date?

b) What is the hypothetical stint for the estimate of workstations that Rosenberg can finish in this galaxy length?

c) Can the hypothetical stint really be reached when workstations are intrusted?


 9.13 Sue Helms Appliances wants to organize an galaxy length to manipulation its new issue, the Micro Popcorn Popper. The end is to effect five poppers per hour. The functions, function dates, and contiguous predecessors for supple one Micro Popcorn Popper are as follows:


Task                Time               Immediate Predecessors

A                     10                    -

            B                     12                    A

            C                     8                      A,B

            D                     6                      B,C

            E                      6                      C

            F                      6                      D,E



a) What is the hypothetical stint for the smallest estimate of workstations that Helms can finish in this galaxy length?

b) Graph the galaxy length and intrust workers to workstations. Can you intrust them after a while the hypothetical stint?

 c) What is the competency of your intrustment?


9.15 The subjoined consideration details the functions required for Indiana-based Frank Pianki Industries to manipulation a abundantly porconsideration industrial vacuum cleaner. The dates in the consideration are in minutes. Demand forecasts evince a need to have-effect after a while a cycle date of 10 minutes.




Activity           Activity Description              Immediate Predecessors                   Time  

A                     Attach wheels to tub                                                                      5

B                     Attach motor to lid                                                                       1.5

C                     Attach battery herd                            B                                             3

D                     Attach insurance cutoff                           C                                             4

E                      Attach filters                                       B                                             3

F                      Attach lid to tub                                 A, E                                         2

G                     Assemble attachments                                                                               3

H                     Function ordeal                                       D, F, G                                    3.5

I                       Final inadvertence                                   H                                             2

J                       Packing                                               I                                               2


a) Draw the mismisappropriate pre-eminence diagram for this issueion length.

b) Intrust functions to workstations and determine how greatly empty date is exhibit each cycle.

c) Discuss how this estimate could be improved to 100%.

d) What is the hypothetical stint estimate of workstations?