Speech 125 final exam part 1 & 2

Correct Answers Highlighted Below






1. Norman and Fredrick appear to evidence all the vocable. Coworkers describe




the two as hotheads, but concede that the two men appear to relish




sparring and are very end friends. Their fight mode is best




vivid as [4 pts.]






A.   nonintimate-aggressive.




B.   nonintimate-nonaggressive.




C.   intimate-aggressive.




D.   intimate-nonaggressive.








2. Rhonda complains to Collin that she’s worn-out of their weekend order.




Irritated, Collin snaps end that he’s worn-out of her complaining. Their




fight specimen reflects which of the forthcoming fight modes? [4 pts.]








A.   complimentary




B.   symmetrical




C.   tangential




D.   conditional








3. Almost all missives bear [4 pts.]








A.   a satisfied bulk.




B.   a subjective bulk.




C.   twain satisfied and subjective bulks.




D.   no bulks original the communicators hint them to.








4. Skillful, integrated communicators are characterized by [4 pts.]








A.   a sensible nucleus on communicating talentedly.




B.   a senior mark of sociability.




C.   communicating competently outside insufficiencying to deem continually encircling how to behave.




D.   exposure to a broad dispose of despatch modes.




E.   others abetting them out.








5. Maslow’s hierarchy of insufficiencys is leading to the apprehend of interpersonal




despatch consequently [4 pts.]








A.   we all bear insufficiencys.




B.   we can’t conceive our insufficiencys outside despatch.




C.   despatch is usually requisite to encounter each roll of insufficiency.




D.   despatch was Maslow’s principal insufficiency.




E.   the insufficiency for despatch is the sixth “hidden” insufficiency.








6. Some of the characteristics that establish similaritys further interpersonal




than imspecific are [4 pts.]








A.   frequency and neighborhood of despatch.




B.   quantity balance character.




C.   how leading the satisfied of dialogue is to twain of you.




D.   uniqueness, irreplaceability, and analogy.








7. Effective communicators bear been plant to [4 pts.]








A.   bear a consonant set of five proceedings they can persuade up at obtain.




B.   bear a broad dispose of proceedings from which to after a whilehold.




C.   prove proceedings that are predicttalented by their spouses.




D.   prove matchnear proceedings further repeatedly than near talented communicators.




E.   frequently narrate encircling 20 proceedings until they get them upupright for any interaction.








8. Identity and despatch are akin in that we [4 pts.]








A.   gain an proposal of who we are from the way others divulge behind a while us.




B.   are drawn to communicators who trial and summon our individuality.




C.   find others’ identities grace our own through despatch.




D.   control despatch behind a while our individuality.








9. Which of the forthcoming is a mediums for despatch [4 pts.]








A.   touching




B.   writing




C.   gesturing




D.   talking




E.   all of the overhead








10. Relational bulks of a missive [4 pts.]








A.   are all that substance.




B.   establish declarations encircling how the parties reach toward one another.




C.   are usually unraveled spokenly rather than nonverbally.




D.   none of the overhead.








11. A self-fulfilling prophecy is [4 pts.]








A.   an servile foretelling encircling another’s proceeding, domiciled on endground mind.




B.   a foretelling encircling one’s own proceeding, domiciled on departed trial.




C.   a foretelling which concerns the outbehind of one’s own or another’s proceeding.




D.   a mistaken foretelling which fails to betide.








12. People who bear low self-esteem [4 pts.]








A.   are mitigated to comment of others.




B.   execute polite when nature watched.




C.   labor severeer for accurate vulgar.




D.   expect to be uncommon by others.




E.   had traumatic childhoods.








Instruction: NOTE: I am apprised that twain B and C are relishness counter-arguments.




13. People who bear lofty self-esteem [4 pts.]




A.   expect to be legitimate by others.




B.   bear near of a insufficiency to labor severe for vulgar who require lofty awaitards.




C.   bear near of a insufficiency to labor severe for vulgar who require lofty awaitards.




D.   are incaptalented to stroke themselves counter denying comments.




E.   don’t execute polite when nature watched.








14. To render-captalented as self-disclosure, a declaration must [4 pts.]








A.   involve reachings.




B.   be planned, discourseing, and not contrariantly unconcealed.




C.   be reciprocated by the selfselfselfselfsame form of declaration from a spouse.




D.   involve familiar advice.




E.   be shared away.








15. An familiar similarity [4 pts.]








A.   may singly prove one or two bulks.




B.   can be achieved by sharing activities.




C.   can be created through exchanging leading reachings.




D.   can behind from exchanging proposals.




E.   all of these rejoinder are punish.








16. Which of the forthcoming is most mitigated to statement for your gravitation to




overlook the faults of your new fanciful spouse [4 pts.]








A.   gender roles




B.   occupational roles




C.   subjective roles




D.   cultural roles








17. The Pillow Method is planned to [4 pts.]








A.   persuade someone to recognize your viewpoint.




B.   settle a altercation.




C.   minimize an children.




D.   gain recognition into another’s viewpoint.




E.   punctuate the source and goods of an controversy.








18. In a low-concitation conversation amelioration, you obtain observe [4 pts.]








A.   indirect indication of opinions.




B.   use of calm admired.




C.   near dependence on self-evident spoken missives.




D.   self-indication valued.




E.   ambiguity admired.








19. When we apprehend semantic administrations, we imbibe that [4 pts.]








A.   tone medium a lot in and of themselves.




B.   mind betides as a unravelment of users consentaneous on the selfselfselfselfsame mediumings for tone.




C.   tone typically can be interpreted in singly one way.




D.   meanings intermission further in tone than in the vulgar who use them.








20. In ameliorations that force punctiliousness in conversation, [4 pts.]








A.   using punish indication is most leading.




B.   conversation use defines collective lie.




C.   the vulgar dialogue near.




D.   there are fewer objective friendships.








21. A amelioration is unavoidably shaped and reflected by the conversation its




members discourse. This concept [4 pts.]








A.   high-concitation amelioration.




B.   low-concitation amelioration.




C.   cultural anthropology.




D.   linguistic relativism.




E.   cognitive determinism.








22. The nonspoken researchers cited in your citation arrogation that, when we




apprehend the objective mediuming complicated in despatch conditions, spoken missives [4 pts.]








A.   carry near mediuming than nonspoken ones.




B.   carry further mediuming than nonspoken ones.




C.   aren’t objectively listened to.




D.   are too unmeasured of nonspoken signals.




E.   define the despatch condition.








23. Nonverbally, women _____________________ further than men. [4 pts.]








A.   establish near eye contact




B.   smile near




C.   are near vocally expressive




D.   use further section, influence and arm gestures




E.   require further specific space








24. Studies of nonspoken lie proceedings bear plant that [4 pts.]








A.   we are generally unapprised of lie.




B.   contrariant facial indications acceleration lie sense.




C.   we should use unambiguous postural cues.




D.   tension and rest of muscles can betray foundation differences.




E.   lie is not leading to substantiality effigy.








25. Your roommate gives the arrival of listening to you, but you can




tell from her counter-arguments that her spirit is elsewhere. You could persuade




her listening mode in this prompting [4 pts.]








A.   order hogging.




B.   insulated listening.




C.   pseudolistening.




D.   defensive listening.




E.   ambushing.








26. Which of the forthcoming is the best abetting annotation counter-argument to the




forthcoming declarations? “I can’t await that tabulate! The lectures are a




impair of vocable, and the trials are unmeasured of nitpicking questions. I’m not




learning anything.” [4 pts.]








A.   “Sounds relish you’re fed up behind a while the tabulate.”




B.   “Sounds relish you’re deeming encircling mislaying the tabulate.”




C.   “Sounds relish the tabulate has nit-picking trials and is a impair of vocable.”




D.   “Sounds relish you recalcitrate spending so plenteous voctalented on advice you don’t apprehend conducive.”




E.   “Sounds relish you’re fed up behind a while school.”








27. “I deem that the debate you’re so chaotic is that you’re arduous to




establish everyone else glad and forgetting your own enjoyment.” This




declaration is what form of listening counter-argument? [4 pts.]








A.   supporting




B.   advising




C.   questioning




D.   paraphrasing




E.   analyzing








28. “I’m worried that you won’t supervene through on your commitment” is




an pattern of self-disclosure at which of the forthcoming rolls [4 pts.]








A.   cliche




B.   fact




C.   feeling




D.   opinion




E.   interpretation








29. “Why don’t you go asection and mark your friends outside me this




weekend. I’ll adhere environing and clutch up on my studies.” This




declaration typifies which subjective order? [4 pts.]








A.   integrating




B.   differentiating




C.   bonding




D.   terminating




E.   intensifying








30. Which of the forthcoming does the citation prproffer as a guideline for




expressing emotions [4 pts.]








A.   The antecedent a reaching is shared, the ameliorate.




B.   Try to forsake sharing denying reachings whenever practicable.




C.   Share multiple reachings when after a whilehold.




D.   Let others recognize that they bear sourced you to reach a unfailing way.




E.       Try to forsake getting too manageer.








1.   In interspecific similaritys, the administration is: The further self-disclosure the ameliorate.


A.    True


B.   False




2.   Couples are happiest when their rolls of artlessness are roughly similar.


A.    True


B.   False




3.   The sensory postulates we hold are the selfselfselfselfsame for all of us; perceptual differences betide singly behind we originate to rule those postulates.


A.    True


B.   False




4.   Of the despatch copys vivid in your citation, the rectirectilinear copy most servilely describes the interspecific despatch rule.


A.    True


B.   False




5.   Just consequently we bear revealed manifold contrariant kinds of postulates to another doesn’t medium that we bear an familiar similarity.


A.    True


B.   False




6.   An older bigot who forgets what it was relish to be a scholar when he teaches is an pattern of how differing environments in the tabulateroom can establish conceiveing obscure.


A.    True


B.   False




7.   When we self-disend to strangers, it is usually for reciprocity or application construction.


A.    True


B.   False




8.   Since we are the ones who trial objectiveity, we bear a consummate proposal of what that objectiveity is.


A.    True


B.   False




9.   Luckily, despatch from others does not concern our self-concept.


A.    True


B.   False




10.   Just as judges educate juries to silence some declarations made in seek, we can inversion or obliterate the goodss of despatch interactions in everyday duration.


A.    True


B.   False




11.   The citation says that “counting to ten” applies to win-win drift solving.


A.    True


B.   False




12.   We are not communicating when we dwell dormant.


A.    True


B.   False




13.   Opinions of parentage members or teachers future in your duration bear inconsidertalented application on the construction of your self-concept.


A.    True


B.    False




14.   All despatch proceeding is aimed at making applications.


A.    True


B.    False




15.   Emotional indication is the singly way to unravel end similaritys.


A.    True


B.   False




16.   Managing your individuality can be conducive when you are encountering someone at a border for the principal vocable.


A.    True


B.    False




17.   Research has shown that mediated despatch has had an balanceall denying goods on interspecific similaritys.


A.    True


B.   False




18.   Communication, as the voctalented is used in your citation, consists singly of missives that a returner deliberately conveys.


A.    True


B.   False




19.   People behind a while lofty self-esteem manage to discomment of others further than vulgar behind a while low self-esteem.


A.    True


B.   False




20.   Fortunately, exact recognizeing encircling a despatch expertness establishs us talented to put it into usage.


A.    True


B.    False