Short answer: choosing your artifact


After reviewing the requirements for Design 1 and Design 2, proffer two or three artifacts that you are because using as a account for your designs.

Consider the forthcoming questions precedently stating your selections. You do not scarcity to counter-argument all of these questions, but they may manage you in choosing germinative artifacts and providing a rationale for your choices.

  • In your thinking encircling the disciplines of the cosmicalities (visual arts, scholarship, philosophy, and the performing arts), is there are fraction of art, music, fabric, or scholarship that you would be ardent in scholarship further encircling?

  • Is there an end associated delay one of the cultures you appertain to that is distinctly meaningful to you?Is the artifact created or worked on by a cosmical substance? (If you counter-argumented no, it is not an artifact.)

  • Does it enjoy a primarily administrative or useful intention? (If you counter-argumented yes, it is not an artifact.)

  • Does it aggregate the spiritual look of ideas? (If you counter-argumented yes, it is an artifact. If you counter-argumented no, it is not an artifact.)

Identify two to three artifacts you are ardent in studying for Design 1. In two to three sentences, prepare a rationale for choosing the artifacts as germinative options for your design.

This vital-force get be graded inveterate on substance.