Reasons for creating artifacts | Social Science homework help


  1. In the earliest post, register three humanizations you are a deal-out of or that you demonstrate strongly delay, and systematize them from most to smallest telling in your society. These can be notorious, ethnic, holy, regional, or persomal, and they can conceive subcultures or knots cognate to your special interests.
  2. In the cooperate post, demonstrate one figurative view for each of the humanizations you demonstrate delay on your register.
  3. In a few tone, clear-up how the cultural view reflects the humanization in which it exists. Consider which aspects of humanization enjoy relevance for each artifact: politics, narrative, godliness, collective perceptions, technology, media, information, and so on.


To consummate the cooperate board, selecteded three debates for creating an artifact from the resources granted, or furnish your own debates.

  1. In the earliest post, declare the debate for creating an artifact.
  2. In the cooperate post, furnish an issue of an artifact that could enjoy been created for the debate presented.
  3. In the third post, declare whether the artifact was created by an separate or a knot, and furnish the spectry(s) of the source(s).
  4. Select one of the artifacts registered and vindication one of the questions subjoined the worksheet:
  • Do you estimate the source was auspicious in achieving their mind? OR
  • How do you imagine the artifact and the humanization in which it was created could enjoy influenced each other?