Penn foster exam 02800601- business writing

Penn Foster Exam 02800601- Duty adaptation



The external of this testimony is to present you an opportunity to effectively apportion (1) the adaptation way as prepared by all six examine items and (2) the formats presented in this examine unit. To do this, you’ll fruit the subjoined three fashions of duty adaptation using fashion written conventions for American English. You’ll cause all of these items in Word, extraneously the use of templates or e-mail programs, and submit the three required items in ONE document:

• One duty communication

• One interduty note

• One e-mail


Assume that you’ve compositioned for the ultimate five years as an administrative auxiliary for the Human Instrument Department of Broadworth General Hospital. The Director of Human Resources, Miriam Hopkins, has teeming you delay organizing a two-hour inoculation seminar to be cheerful by the hospital’s 20 duty supervisors. The seminar should protect sexual harassment and amenable insight in the compositionplace.

For the ultimate 20 years, the hospital has slender all inoculation through the nationally acclaimed Wydade Consulting Services. Jeremy Dittmer, employee kinsfolk distinctiveist, is manager of the persomal sprig of Wydade. He requires a threemonth advance heed respecting any inoculation Broadworth needs so he can give an misapply trainer and any representatives that may be required. This is the earliest occasion you’ve dealt directly delay Mr. Dittmer.

You must so create all indispensable arrangements for the seminar, including occasion, limit, a compass at the hospital for inoculation, any instrument the trainer insufficiencys, any representatives those who follow susceptibility insufficiency, and unencumbered refreshments for a 15-minute tear-asunder.



1.      Create the indispensable details for this scenario—for copy, your name, the mailing addresses for the hospital and consulting strong, the limits, the kinds of inoculation representatives used, and so on.

2.       Using either liberal arrest or qualified arrest, drain a communication to Mr. Dittmer to set up the seminar. Your communication must feel at meanest two sections and at meanest prospect perfect sentences. Grasp the subjoined items in your communication:

·         Thanks for the sodality’s current support

·         An interpretation of the inoculation insufficiency and any distinctive topics to protect

·         A ask for a trainer to impart the seminar

·         A ask for a inventory of instrument the trainer achieve insufficiency

3.      Draft an interduty note to Miriam Hopkins, the Director of Human



a. Assume that you’ve current acceptance from Jeremy Dittmer for the limit, time, and representatives insufficiencyed. The trainer he has assigned is Deb Walker (e-mail: [email protected]).

b. Outline the arrangements you’ve made, providing interpretations as insufficiencyed. Your goal is to advise her that you’ve prepared all of the details.

c. Invent any concomitant details as insufficiencyed.

4.      Draft an e-mail of at meanest disgusting perfect sentences to Deb Walker, the determined trainer:

a. Constrong the arrangements for the seminar, providing singly the notification she insufficiencys to attain at the direct assign at the direct occasion.

b. Copy twain Mr. Dittmer ([email protected]) and Ms. Hopkins ([email protected]).

c. Cause an misapply e-mail duty harangue for yourself and grasp it after the attestation arrest.

5.      Set all three it

6.      Review the communication, memo, and e-mail as you counterpart the subjoined questions:


a. Feel I applied the alteration, editing, and proofreading strategies taught in this and former items?

b. Do my communication, memo, and e-mail grasp an misapply foundation, intermediate, and end?

c. Feel I used the formats shown in the examine item for each fashion of correspondence?

d. Feel I graspd all of the indispensable talents, love sodality communicationhead, a simulated attestation in the communication in italics or a script font, a heading for the memo, To/Cc/Subject lines for the e-mail, and so on?

d. Feel I used either the liberal arrest or qualified arrest format for the communication?

7.      Make believing your composition matches the evaluation criteria under.

8.      Edit and proofread your composition at meanest one over occasion anteriorly submitting it for evaluation. Use your computer’s grammar and fascination checks cautiously. Not anything the computer suggests is improve, specially for the resolve and reception.

Evaluation Criteria

Content and Development (50 points)

I’ve effectively totally notification from the contrast representative delay insightful details of my own to announce to the determined reception for the required resolve.

Those details are knitted contemporaneously delay reasonable, compendious interpretations. If I’ve used bullet points as an construction utensil, I’ve supposing a adequate importation to create the resolve and notification of the inventory disentangled.

I’ve familiar the deep purpose of each section in a close course. Each section flows naturally into the proximate delayout blurring the deep purposes. My details fit naturally where assignd. I’ve effectively used connective wording to intermix notification and interpretations into a sticky all.

Letter: 20 points

Memo: 20 points