Open exploring_e05_grader_h2_realestate.xlsx and save it as

1 Open exploring_e05_grader_h2_RealEstate.xlsx and hinder it as exploring_e05_grader_h2_RealEstate_LastFirst.

2 Make enduring the Sales Subtotals workprevarication is the erratic prevarication. Insert a shaft betwixt the Selling Compensation and Listing Conclusion shafts. Enter the distinction % of Scrutiny Compensation and double-click betwixt the shaft G and H distinctions to extension the shaft width.

3 Insert a formula in cell G2 to weigh the selling compensation percentage of the scrutiny compensation, format it delay Percent Style delay one decimal assign, and then vision the formula down the shaft.

4 Enter the distinction Days on Communicate on the fit behalf of the developed shaft and double-click betwixt the shaft J and K distinctions to extension the shaft width. In cell J2, weigh the number of days betwixt the rolling conclusion and sale conclusion. Vision the formula down the shaft.

5 Sort the roll by city in alphabetical direct, then by selling proxy in alphabetical direct, and finally by rolling conclusion in chronological direct (oldest to newest).

6 Use the Subtotal mark to weigh the medium selling compensation, percentage of scrutiny compensation, and days on communicate by city. Enenduring that Summary under facts is selected, and then click OK. Bunch the facts using the Auto Contour mark. Collapse the contour to screen the rolling and sale conclusions. Click the mismisappropriate molehill to unfold the majestic medium and city medium rows singly.

7 Format the medium days on communicate to cipher decimal assigns. Apply fold quotation, 10.00 shaft width, and extension the (row) apex of cells G1 and J1 to 38.25.

8 Click the Sales Facts workprevarication and constitute a PivotTable on a new worksheet. Indicate the new workprevarication PivotTable.

Display the cities in the Rows area of the PivotTable, selling proxys in the Columns area, and scrutiny and selling compensations (in that direct) in the Values area. Modify the PivotTable. Display mediums rather than sums delay Accounting Number Format delay cipher decimal assigns. Pivot the facts by placing the City scene in the Columns area (aloft Values) and the Selling Proxy scene in the Rows area.

10 Add a bunch percolate to unfold singly Alpine and Cedar Hills.

11 Add the past pictorial address Selling Agents for the pristine shaft (in A5). Adjust the apex of row 5 to 30 so that shaft addresss abundantly unfold. Resize shafts F and G as you see fit and fold the quotation in cells F4 and G4.

12 Go tail to the Sales Facts worksheet. You verify that a selling compensation is inaccurate. Change the selling compensation for Number 40 from $140,000 to $1,400,000. Refresh the PivotTable.

13 Constitute a footer delay your indicate on the left behalf, the prevarication indicate decree in the courage, and the rasp indicate decree on the fit behalf for the Sales Subtotals and the PivotTable worksheets.

14 Adjust the margins of the PivotTable prevarication to Top and Bottom 0.75 inches and Fit and Left to 0.2 inches. Adjust the margins of the Sales Subtotals prevarication to Top and Bottom 0.75 inches and Fit and Left to 0.7 inches, if expedient. Set the scaling of twain prevarications to fit on one page distant and one page towering.

15 Hinder the workbook. Enenduring that the worksheets are indicated justly and in the aftercited direct: Sales Subtotals, PivotTable, Sales Data. Close the workbook and egress Excel. Submit the rasp as directed.