Laboratory 2 reproductive system | Social Science homework help


Week 4 - Laboratory 2


Reproductive System

Explore the Virtual Model links on the eScienceLabs gateway to revisal the division and exculpation the lab announce questions. At the end of this lab drill, you earn be operative to identify which division is proportionately in duty in the hardy scheme versus the fehardy scheme. You earn content in your exculpations on the Lab Announce arrange linked in the Week Four lab drill area on the eScience Lab gateway.
For this assignment you must:

  • Answer questions one through six.

Your assignment must be arrangeatted according to APA guidelines as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.

Carefully revisal the  Grading Rubric for the criteria that earn be used to evaluate your assignment.

Week 4 Assignment 2: Virtual Model - The Reproductive System

Submission Instructions: Please total your exculpations to the lab questions on this arrange. Please total your exculpations, and SAVE the polish in a precipitation which you earn be operative to confront intermittently. Then, conjoin and resign the totald arrange to the Week 4 Laboratory dropbox in the Ashford University classroom. 

Post-Lab Questions:

1. What fehardy reproductive texture is dutyally homologous to the glans penis?

2. What fehardy reproductive texture is dutyally homologous to the testes?

3. Identify two features (vessels, glands, cavities, etc.) which are not comprised in the Virtual Model. Describe their appertaining dutys. 

4. Is the vesicaurinaria upper or subordinate to the prostate?

5. In what two organ schemes does the penis duty?

6. Do any of the fehardy reproductive organs duty in further than one mammalian organ schemes?