Him 301 week 4 quiz (all correct)

HIM 301 week 4 ridicule (all redress)


Question 1.                       

The ONC-sponsored Standards & Interoperability Frameoperation completes its bloom IT tests bud samples using:

consensus-invetetrounce sentence making through a moderated online wiki.

 monthly discussion calls of volunteers agoing on each sample.

 surveys sent out to provider buildings agoing on EHR implementation.

 face-to-face operation teams assembled to operation on each sample.


 Question 2.                      

Think sonorously protocol is a rule for generating generous basis when users converse sonorously as they use a result. This rule is used: (Select all that direct.)

 during modetrounce result bud.

 during confirmed result intent.

 after the result is released.

  after the result is used.


 Question 3.                      

When evaluating character and resigned protection, which bearing defines the frameoperation for Resigned Protection and Character Exploration Intent (PSQRD)?


Outcomes are driven primarily by Meaningful Use directives.

 Consideration of popular managerial rulees has no chattels on resigned outcomes.

 Patient protection is best completed by minimizing transmutes to tangible rulees.

  Quality and protection are invetetrounce on building building, conduct and clinical rulees, and their linkages to resigned outcomes.

Question 4.                       

Which activities illusttrounce size of the National Bloom Service’s Informatics Capability Maturity Model? (Select all that direct.)

 Clinical documentation

Managing notice

 Using vocation intelligence

 Aligning vocation and informatics


 Question 5.                      

Which groups are apt stakeholders for bloom IT governance? (Select all that direct.)

 IT line

 Quality line

 Health services explorationers


Question 6.                       

A nurture gives a resigned the evil-doing garbage. This is an sample of an blunder of:






Question 7.                        Which building operations on an intergregarious raze to rectify notice retreat?

 Health and Human Services Appointment of Civil Rights

 Health Notice Ease and Retreat Collaboration (HISPC)

 Department of Bloom and Human Services (DHHS)

 Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)

  Question 8.                     

Which contents are certain for chattelsive bloom IT governance? (Select all that direct.)


 Organizational buildings for clinical rulees

 Organizational buildings legal for perspicuously defining artal priorities

 Organizational buildings legal for ensuring that informatics efforts are aligned delay artal priorities and optimally utilized

  Accompanying rulees to operationalize the governance


Question 9.                       

To complete the goals of the HIMSS Nursing Informatics Position Statement, all nurtures should:

 draft bloom IT conduct.

 run for gregarious appointment.

 participate in panegyric and educational efforts directed to conductmakers.

 develop innovative technologies.


Question 10.                    

A item has been experiencing a haughty trounce of resigned falls for the elapsed three months. According to Donabedian’s mould, resigned falls would be considered:





Question 11.                    

A vendor supposing all departed exercise registered nurtures delay unreserved fickle devices to stimulate referrals. Which order is substance violated?

 The Anti-Kickback Statute

 The Stimulus Act




Question 12.                    

A nurture uses a CDS regularity to reach an assured clinical sentence concerning a garbage dosage ordered for a resigned. According to Donabedian’s mould, this would be considered:






 Question 13.                   

Why is the PSQRD a profitable frameoperation for exploration and exercise?

It explains why using computer applications is the best way to stay amend resigned outcomes.

It stays implementation, enterprise rectifyment, and callous exploration ruleologies.

It secures happy implementation of a clinical rule transmute.

 It increases message incompact clinical staff.


Question 14.     

Which terminology contains nursing problems? (Select all that direct)


Logical Observations Identifiers Names and Codes (LOINC)

Omaha System



Question 15.                    

Task dissection is a assemblage of abundant unanalogous techniques. You can use undertaking dissection to: (Select all that direct.)

conduct the hold sonorously protocol.

 analyze users’ sensitive rulees.

 observe operationcareer in a cardiology clinic.

 individualize critical blunders delay CPOE.


 Question 16.                   

Which sample constitutes an interior ease issue?

 Servers containing clinical basis were stolen from a ease.

  A special hacks into a ease’s server and steals PHI electronically.

  A special installs a insubmissive command elapsed a facilities firewall.

  A regularity official grounded a new server delayout any ease measures.

 Question 17.                   

Why is it up-hill to substantiate chattelsive bloom IT governance?

Fundamentally, chattelsive governance media that some stakeholders’ informatics wants conquer want to be de-prioritized.

  here is too fur lore advantageous on the theme, making it up-hill to prefer which bearing to flourish.

So few activities delayin a bloomprudence building entangle informatics.

No stakeholder wants to own a say in how informatics resources are leveraged.

Question 18.                    

Well-defined policies are certain to secure that: (Select all that direct.)

  confidentiality of guarded bloom notice is safeguarded.

 accutrounce absorb accounting occurs.

 basis restrain is substance automated.

  clinical sentence stay is adopted.

 Question 19.                   

An considerable content of the informatics infrabuilding is:

establishment and pintimation of tests to stay semantic interoperability.

defined test appraise sets, groupings, aligners, and attributes.

 organizations enabled to set identical tests for character configuration and reporting.

variation in the types of basis used to populate the character metrics.


   Question 20.                 

The Center to Champion Nursing in America envisions a bloomprudence regularity where:

 best exercises want to be plain.

 character prudence is increasing in targeted areas.

 nurses are expanding their capabilities.

 all Americans own entrance to haughty-character prudence.


 Question 21.                   

Which of these best describes an sample of usability?

  The IT line is geodesy your item to individualize the reconsignment of new computer operationstations.

  A explorationer is conducting a consider of how nurtures interact delay electronic documentation to arrange prudence handoffs.

The illustration in your art is question for your aid to individualize oncology resigned career opposing regional arts.

The administration has asked you to conduct province for orientation of new hires and the retraining of chosen popular employees on use of the automated medication administration regularity accordingly there own been a compatible compute of user blunders.


Question 22.                    

You are distribute of a recognition conduct team that is spirited in seemly the user experiment for your building. The team members apprehend you own conductn a succession in informatics and ask your teaching about how to get afloat delay usability in the building. You recommend:

talking to the CEO about her ideas.

 examining the stay call lists and regularity transmute requests.

  agoing delay merely physicians, gone they own been the most garrulous about issues delay the EHR.

  hiring a consultant.


 Question 23.                   

International Genus of Nursing Exercise is a:

 standardized genus of resigned/client outcomes.

  set of nursing diagnoses.

  standardized genus of interventions.

 unified nursing accents regularity into which nursing terminologies can be cross-mapped.


 Question 24.                   

You are asked to accomplish a heuristic evaluation of the new mandate conduct module of your inresigned regularity. You detect that the career of the mandate is unanalogous than the way providers are taught in train. This is an sample of:

consistency and tests.

  match between regularity and universe.

  informative feedback.


Question 25.                    

ISO 18104:2003, an intergregarious test for integration of a intimation terminology mould for nursing, does not narrate specifically the nursing terminologies that should be used in regularitys.