Gaps in the life model


Piedra and Engstrom (2009) famed how the vivacity design “remains open and unspecific in-reference-to factors that pretend immigrant families” (p. 272). Recall that there earn never be one theory or a design that can easily clear-up a rarity or lay out all the steps and procedures when launched after a while compound issues that clients give to gregarious workers. Recognizing this, Piedra and Engstrom clarified another scheme in the settlement literature—segmented assimilation scheme. They authorized concepts from segmented assimilation scheme to “fill in” the gaps that the vivacity design does not oration.

In this Discussion, you explore gaps in the vivacity design by applying it to your scope knowledge.


Using an illustration from your scopework knowledge (Georgia Department of Family and Children Services) and a divers population you encountered at the exercise (for illustration, in Piedra and Engstrom’s article, it was immigrant families), suit to the following:

  • Identify and depict the divers population and the uncommon characteristics and/or the relieved needs of the population in 3 to 4 dwarf sentences.
  • Explain how the vivacity design can be applied for the population.
  • Explain where the gaps are in applying the vivacity design for this population.
  • When looking at the gaps, clear-up which theory jurisdiction be beneficial in filling the gaps of the vivacity design when launched after a while this population.