Ethnosemantics anthropology | Social Science homework help

Quiz 1: Create a semantic territory

Ethnosemantics is defined in our passage interpreter as “the examine of how members of a refinement use dialect to delineate classifications; for issue, tint, kinship, temperature, animals, and plants.” Read Week 4 Commentary, exception “Ethnosemantics,” and thrive the guidelines under to make a semantic territory. Supplies needed: renunciation cards, paper contracts.

  1. Select a peculiar to meeting. This may be someone you apprehend from your own refinement, or someone from another refinement. You may appetition to meeting someone who speaks your ancient dialect.

  2. Explain that you are arduous to imbibe triton environing the refinement of this peculiar. You get be meetinging the peculiar environing some theme that is well-acquainted to him or her, so you can imbibe environing this theme.

  3. Find out triton that this peculiar apprehends triton environing or is ardent in. He or she could apprehend environing motorcycles, fixing clocks, connection clubs, rap still n ess, baking cookies, making curry, easy soccer, or knitting socks.

  4. Invite your "suitable informant" to inventory all the conditions associated delay his or her scene of profit. (For issue: Types of cookies: chocolate scrap, peanut butter, Snickerdoodles.)

  5. Write each promise on a disunited renunciation card or paper. Ask open-ended questions to brisk. (For issue: "What other items would you use?")

  6. Invite your suitable informant to species the cards into meaningful categories. First, ask him or her to species them into at last two contrastive categories. Then, catch each stack and ask him or her to portio those into at last two categories. Ask your meetingee to clear-up each condition as you go concurrently, and ask what is opposed environing one store as compared to the other.

  7. Take notes so you won’t learn what is said. You may appetition to contract one stack coincidently time you are started on another so you don’t get the cards adulterated up.

  8. Check Table 4.1 (in Week 4 Commentary, exception “Ethnosemantics”) and, using it as an issue, induce a chart of a semantic territory grounded on all the conditions firm and how they feel been categorized.

  9. Write a shabby description (no further than two pages) including the chart you feel maked and a discourse of how, in your definition, your informant views this theme, e.g., what is his or her criteria for organizing tone in categories, what skin of categories he or she employs.

  10. Submit your description into your Assignments folder by the end of week 4.