Essential question – summary for a video and reading (all from the

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Answer one or all of the innate inquirys posed.  Answer the inquirys by commenting and thought on the lections/videos/websites by identifying the important issues presented and produce your decomposition and opinions. Students should besides prime quotations and debate the avail of what is substance said, and/or agree/disagree delay the originator(s). To win bountiful belief, students must embrace references to the class lections and videos.   These entries are desert 3 subject-matter each for bountiful COMPLETION.  The reflecting should aprox.  2 - 3 well-behaved-behaved written paragraphs (aprox 500 language).

Essential Questions Rubric  - 3 Points Possible

3 POINTS:  Fully answers the inquiry by identifying the important issues presented and produces decomposition on those issues.  Quotations and topics from videos and lections are referenced and writer explains their perception. Personal connections are made and befriended by the day’s lections and videos.   Reflecting is unconfused thoughtfully and professionally. At meanest 3 favoring references:  Au, Eisner, Darling-Hammond, Gee, Willingham, An Assessor's Art (packet)


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