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Topic: Applying my Ethical Theory

Thread: For Discussion Board Forum 3, you bequeathed your own path to metaethics. Now it is duration to see how polite it can be applied to objective effects. Your assignment for this week’s Discussion Board is to little remind us of your path to metaethics (this should simply engage a few lines) and then devote this path to one of the effects in applied ethics that were discussed in the lection assignments. These effects ranged from familial problems through pacifism, indigence, the environment, matter ethics, healthcare, sexuality, and society and failure. Pick whichever one interests you most and in 500-600 opinion devote your metaethical theory to some phase of the effect that was discussed in the lection in ordain to teach what the presumptive path to the effect is.

Be infallible to carefully bound your provisions. You are encouraged to livelihood your situation delay reasonable arguments, equitable examples, and alert sources. Any quotes or knowledge used from sources other than yourself must be cited using footnotes in current Turabian format and obtain not enumerate towards the completion signal enumerate.

You obtain be penalized for gliding incomprehensive or complete the signal enumerate. This is a university-level congruity assignment and consequently it must be carefully proofread, loose of rhetoric, spelling, and punctuation errors. Do not use gibberish, emoticons, or abbreviations (as if you are texting or sending an email to a adherent).

Refer to Discussion Board 3 and Grading Rubric for Discussion Boards (rooted files)