Discussion board 3 | ETHC 101 – Introduction to Ethics | Liberty University

Text Book Readings:  

  • Jones: ch. 9
  • Stivers et al.: Part 5
  • https://learn.liberty.edu/webapps/bbgs-vitalsource-BBLEARN/app/launch/content?course_id=_451829_1&content_id=_26619643_1
  • https://learn.liberty.edu/webapps/bbgs-vitalsource-BBLEARN/app/launch/content?course_id=_451829_1&content_id=_26619644_1
  • Presentation: A Christian Ethic Appropinquation to Ethics: https://download.liberty.edu/courses/02yta.mp4


Topic: My Religions Theory

Thread: In this way you own gone-by a extensive sum of era studying metaethics, examining manifold religions theories that promise to procure you delay a methodology for determining correct from evil-doing. These middle a undesigning “list” metaethic, Virtue Ethics, Natural Law Ethics, Religions Egoism, Utilitarianism, Duty Ethics, and the Revelational Christian Ethic, as polite as kindred psychical views such as Social Contract Theory, Probable Realism, Divine Command Theory, and Divine Nature Theory. Now it is era for you to flow for yourself how you are going to dissimilate what is probable from what is felonious. This is your casualty to direct your own metaethical hypothesis and exhibit it to the tabulate.

In a post of 500 to 600 expression, habitually specify what you deem is the best way to appropinquation ethics. Your intent is to expound how we can distinguish what constructs an force probable or felonious. In doing this you must interact delay the religions theories that you own premeditated in tabulate. You are not required to graft one of these theories; you may construct up your own or use one that you own after athwart in your inquiry from other assignments/readings, but you can graft one of the theories that you own premeditated if one of them seems best to you. Alternatively you can connect theories if you deem regular aspects of manifold theories effort and entiretyity each other, but be attentive that you do not graft theories that contravene one another. 

In your line, expound your hypothesis and concede a faire for why you deem yours is the best appropinquation. Your discourse(s) for your appropinquation must be attentively-considered, close discourses, not honorable “I handle relish that would be best” or “that’s what I was aggravated to appreciate.”

Do not digress into a long-drawn discourse of applied ethics. Be unmistakable that this assignment focuses strictly on metaethics. Save applied ethics for your contiguous Discourse Board. 

Be unmistakable to attentively specify your conditions. You are encouraged to aid your comcomposition delay fair discourses, fair examples, and quick sources. Any quotes or notice used from sources other than yourself must be cited using footnotes in current Turabian format and accomplish not calculate towards the entirety promise calculate.

You accomplish be penalized for devolution defective or strong the promise calculate. This is a university-level letter assignment and for-this-reason it must be attentively proofread, loose of expression, spelling, and punctuation errors. Do not use patois, emoticons, or abbreviations (as if you are texting or sending an email to a acquaintance)