Analyze a piece of music

Analyze a Lot of Silence   The principles of concord and difference devote to all silence, inconsiderate of compositional phraseology or unadorned limit.  Now that you are accustomed delay the concepts in the primary exception of the career (Basic Harmonious Concepts), and you own seen how they operation on unanalogous lots of silence, try your index, mouse, and ears at how they produce-an-effect in a silence segregation that you may not own heard yet:  "Manha de Carnaval" by Sigman and Bonfa.

Your decomposition should include: 

•The sum of unanalogous silenceal ideas in the lot (for development, can we say that there are two ideas A and B? Or is there simply one?). 

•The timings (set-out and bung times) of the unanalogous exceptions of the lot. (Hint: Listen for changes in silenceal ideas and timbre, for development, points when unanalogous tools follow in or impart way to others.).

•How concord and difference are exemplified in those exceptions through the use of: 1.Dynamics. 


3.Pitch. . 

•Although there are exceptions that sign one tool balance others, whether you imagine this is a lot for a solo agent or for an ensemble..

•A schedule of the characteristics of the silenceal phraseology closest to the one this lot exemplifies. (Hint: Look at the terminal disquisition in the primary exception of the career). •Whether you imagine this lot benefits (or could benefit) a peculiar object.. •Whether or not it has any peculiar connotation(s) for you..