Advanced pathophysiology across the lifespan week 1 quiz

MN551 Advanced Pathophysiology Across the Lifespan

Question 1                         

A foster practitioner is educating a unrepining delay a novel peculiarity of diabetes encircling the roles that glucose and insulin indicate in the illness pathology and the reality that glucose must penetrate the cell in ordain to supply life for the unrepining. The foster practitioner understands that which of the forthcoming regularityes allows glucose to penetrate collection cells


                                                 Facilitated diffusion

                                                 Active transport


Question 2                         

A scholar foster practitioner asks her schoolmaster encircling the origins of divergent textures, and their cellular origins during the regularity of outgrowth. Which of the forthcoming narratements by the schoolmaster best describes the regularity of cell divergentiation?

“Cells of the hematopoietic plan effect the mismisappropriate collection cells that are required at each amount of outgrowth.”

“A uncompounded parent cell divergentiates into closely 200 divergent casts of cells.”

“A fertilized ovum undergoes a train of divisions, surrendering divers divergent cell casts.”

“Cells divergentiate into requisite collection cells, peaking forthcoming reason, and ceasing neighboring the term of extraction.”

Question 3                         

The foster practitioner is representation a client who has an sharp exacerbation of Crohn’s illness. The NP recognizes the reality that the illness involves the inflammation and branchishness of the intestinal integument. Which of the forthcoming casts of texture is most mitigated concerned in the unrepining's pathology?

                                                 Simple columnar epithelium

                                                 Glandular epithelium

                                                 Simple cuboidal epthelium

                                                 Stratified epithelium


Question 4                         

A foster practitioner employed in a hospitalist notices that a unrepining is experiencing muscle atrophy forthcoming 2 weeks in drink forthcoming a motor transportation property. Which of the forthcoming realityors has most mitigated contributed to the atrophy of the unrepining's muscle cells?

                                 High levels of insulin and IGF-1 in the unrepining's dignity during immobilization

                                 Denervation of the monstrous muscles during the term of drink

                                 A abatement of skeletal muscle use inferior to the drink treatment

                                 Reduced oxygen expenditure and cellular distribute that ensures muscle cell survival


Question 5                         

A 7-year-old boy is admitted to the hospital delay a reported peculiarity of administer toxicity. Which of the forthcoming rate furnishings is most congruent delay the unrepining's peculiarity?

                                                 Decreased low manageon reflexes

                                                 Hemoglobin 9.9 g/dL

                                                 Diffuse muscle pain

                                                 White dignity cells (WBC) 11,000/mm3

Question 6                         

The NP is instruction a assembly of older adults encircling the estimate of including patronages embraceing antioxidants in their sustenance. Which of the forthcoming narratements best captures the rationale underlying the NPs education?

                                                 Antioxidants restrain the actions of reboundive oxygen disposition (ROS).

                                                 Antioxidants intercept the construction of superoxide dismutase.

                                                 Antioxidants rebound nonspecifically delay molecules.

                                                 Antioxidants intercept the adventure of cell dysplasia.

Question 7                         

Which of the forthcoming narratements most correspondently conveys an face of cell damnification due to diminished calcium homeostasis?

                                                 Normal intracellular calcium ion levels are preferable than extracellular levels.

                                                 Ischemia and unmistakable toxins origin a curcontinuation in cytosolic calcium.

                                                 Injured cells manage to accumulate calcium.

                                                 Low calcium levels origin an activation of wrongful enzymes.


Question 8                         

The NP is providing pains for a 21-year-old feminine unrepining delay gas gangrene of a coalescence breach in her arm. Which of the forthcoming rate furnishings would the foster most reasonably look-for to furnish when caring for a unrepining delay a peculiarity of gas gangrene?

                                                 Inflammation of the monstrous texture

                                                 A dogmatic refinement for Staphylococcus

                                                 Spreading edema

                                                 Impaired pitted gas exchange

Question 9                         

A 45-year-old unrepining who conversant peril to radiation during an industrial property sundry years precedent is nature assessed. Which of the forthcoming phenomena may underlie the genetic changes that bear been famous in the unrepining?

                                                 Base pairs may bear been rearranged by the radiation peril.

                                                 Endonucleases may bear influenced the DNA texture forthcoming peril.

                                                 Two paired lows may bear exchanged helical positions forthcoming the property.

                                                 The radiation may bear effectd luxuriant or deteriorate genetic decree.


Question 10                      

A branch possesses a feature that is the fruit of the interaction of two divergent genes, neither of which could bear effectd the feature inconsequently. Which of the forthcoming senses best captures the genetic sense for this?

                                                 The feature is an look of multiple alleles.

                                                 Epistasis has dictated the phenotypic product.

                                                 The inquisitiveness is an pattern of polygenic legacy.

                                                 The product is the fruit of the interaction betwixt collaborative genes.


Question 11                      

A assembly of researchers has attested that the predominance of two point genetic assumptions divide a statistical apposition. Which of the forthcoming narratements best conveys the genetic rationale for this condition?

  There is mitigated a origin-and-effect alliance betwixt the two genes lawful.

  The chromosomes embraceing each gene are mitigated closely situated.

  The genes causing each disordain are mitigated in the corresponding exception of the corresponding chromosome.

  The assumptions mitigated divide the corresponding locus.

Question 12                      

A researcher is concerned in the origination of insulin through recombinant DNA technology. Which of the forthcoming narratements could the researcher best supply as a rationale for her effect?

The gene driblet lawful for insulin origination can be rudimentary and exhibitd.

  Particular bacteria are choice of insulin origination.

 It is feasible to reeffect the chromosome lawful for insulin origination.

 Recombination of DNA low pairs can fruit in a gene that accomplish effect insulin.


Question 13                      

An infant who is four days postpartum has been diagnosed delay a uncompounded-gene assumption. The parents of the branch bear a reckon of questions encircling the etiology of the sanity completion, which the physician is attempting to discourse in specialty. Which of the forthcoming instruction points most correspondently captures an face of uncompounded-gene incarnate assumptions?

Affected genes are give on autosomal chromosomes rather than sex chromosomes.

The seniority of uncompounded-gene assumptions conspicuous neighboring the term of puberty.

A point fault can be origind by mutations at one of sundry divergent loci.

 Single-gene assumptions are associated delay material rather than new mutations.



Question 14                      

A manly unrepining of a foster practitioner has an autosomal dominant assumption. The unrepining and his distributeicipator are regarding starting a nobility. Which of the unrepining's forthcoming narratements indicates the unrepining has an deferred sense of the genetic reason of this sanity completion?

“I understand there's no way of correspondently determining the random that my branch accomplish possess the illness.”

“My branchren who don't bear the illness stationary run the induce of bying it on to their branchren.”

“I understand that new genetic mutations won't supervene betwixt generations.”

“I understand that a uncompounded mutant allele is to reproach for the sanity completion.”


Question 15                      

A 6-year-old damsel delay a peculiarity of Marfan syndrome is nature assessed at a co-ordination sanity clinic. Which of the forthcoming rates would be the sanity pains professional's trivialest precedentity?

                                                 A examination of the branch's visual acuity

                                                 A musculoskeletal rate

                                                 Tests of race distribute

                                                 Cardiovascular rate

Question 16                      

A new older feminine unrepining at a long-term pains adroitness has a peculiarity of cast 1 neurofibromatosis (NF-1). As distribute of the intake rate protocol for the adroitness, the clinical schoolmistress is instruction the pains staff encircling the peculiarity. Which of the forthcoming narratements most correspondently conveys an face of neurofibromatosis?

“The neurofibroma lesions are waning for the unrepining, but they are not burdensome.

  “Her peculiarity puts her at preferable induce of developing a baneful neoplasm.”

 “She is living delay an pattern of an autosomal recessive assumption.”

“The unrepining is mitigated to be photosensitive as a fruit of the illness.”


Question 17                      

As distribute of an orientation to a genetic counseling custom, a assembly of medical scholars is divergentiating betwixt autosomal recessive assumptions and autosomal dominant assumptions. Which of the forthcoming narratements is gentleman of autosomal recessive assumptions?


They can conspicuous when give in one or twain gene pairs.

There is a one in two random of an monstrous branch in each pregnancy delay an monstrous dame.

They manage to bear a further regular symptomatology than autosomal dominant assumptions.

  The associated assumptions are usually attributable to abnormalities in structural proteins.

Question 18      

Which of the forthcoming generative women has most mitigated encountered the greaexamination extension in the induce that her branch accomplish bear a fetal exception?

A dowager delay diagnoses of syphilis and cirrhosis of the liver

 A dowager who has herpes simplex and novelly recovered from endocarditis

A dowager delay constant countererratic pulmonary syndrome and tuberculosis

  A dowager delay diagnoses of insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus and peripheral neuropathy


 Question 19                     

A 77-year-old manly unrepining delay a peculiarity of stomach cancer has been plant to bear metastases in his liver. The unrepining and his nobility are surprised at this adapt of events, stating that they don't see how he could bear open cancer in his liver. Which of the forthcoming realitys would underlie the answer that the pains team supplys?

The parenchymal texture of the liver is pointly capable to inferior malignancies.

The gate circulatory plan brings venous dignity from the gastrointestinal repose into the liver.

Hepatic stromal texture divides characteristics delay cancerous cells, including bankruptcy of anchorage trust.

The neighborhood of the liver to the stomach allows for straightforward stretch of cancerous cells due to a bankruptcy of adjunction restrainion.


Question 20                      

A dowager is surprised to peruse on the Internet that unmistakable transferred can origin cancer and has sought precipitation from her foster practitioner during an function investigate. How can the NP best tally to the dowager's interrogation?

“Though it's not pointly low, it's gentleman that unmistakable bacteria and viruses can administer to cancer.”

“Most cancers that cannot be attributed to nobility narrative or lifestyle are in reality associated delay viruses.”

“There are divers viruses, but singly a very few of them bear been shown to origin cancer in humans.”

“This is gentleman; for pattern, HIV has been shown to origin cancer in some unrepinings.”


Question 21      

The nobility of a 68-year-old man who is in the end amounts of trivial cell lung cancer is distraught at his plain collection wasting that has worsened in novel weeks. Which of the forthcoming phenomena best accounts for the unrepining's anorexia and cachexia?

Indeferred cellular metabolism of glucose fruits from tooth realityors

High fat forfeiturees coupled delay nurture of muscle magnitude amplify the presence of wasting

Products of the tooth itself as well-mannered-mannered as a hypermetabolic narrate origin cachexia

Indeferred patronage intake due to symptoms and treatment fruits in forfeiture of twain muscle and fat


Question 22                      

The foster practitioner effecting in occupational sanity has been asked to tell to a assembly of realityory effecters encircling the significance of wearing gloves when effecting delay secure chemicals such as turpentine and portray thinner. Which of the forthcoming characteristics of cell membranes underlies the foster's instruction?

Cell membranes are impercolable to all but lipid-soluble substances.

Cell membranes bear lipids that bear a hydrophilic topic and a hydrophobic continuation.

  Cell membranes embrace receptors for hormones and biologically erratic substances.

  Transmembrane proteins can by through the cell membrane into the intracellular environment.