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***Each reply needs to be ½ page or further after a suitableness one affect***


Respond to two colleagues who presented a incongruous force and/or disjunction in analyzing one of the flattens of performance.

Colleague 1: Kevin

Micro-Level performance convergencees on peculiar interaction after a suitableness the client on an indivisible flatten or after a suitableness a foreigner or nobility. The intercession of micro gregarious performance pay veer on an indivisible account and involves performanceing air-tight after a suitableness clients to buttress them through their braves suitableness maintaining the client’s stubborn-determination (NASW, 2017).

Mezzo-Level intercession entails causeing nation conjointly who are not as terminate as a foreigner or collocation of nobility members but cappower mutually institute and utility from this gregarious or device netperformance (Holosko, Dulmus & Sowers, 2012). It cappower undeviatingly veer the classification that is influenceing a client, such as a classroom or vicinity collocation. Mezzo performance may apprehend collocation therapy counseling, stubborn-succor collocations or vicinity association associations (NASW, 2017).

Macro-Level performance convergencees on classificationic outcomes. It cappower apprehend creating and maintaining a netperformance of advantage getrs in manage to prove a continuum of caution. Macro-flatten intercession can blend after a suitableness the gregarious empire by creating and lobbying for prudence veers. The planning, instrumentation, and subsistence of gregarious programs are as-well-mannered processes which macro-layer approximation is ancilla. Coordinating multiple advantages and prudence performance offers an occasion to harangue irrelative pitlapping gregarious problems (NASW, 2017).

Explain how you would assess Paula Cortez’s nationality applying the micro-flatten of gregarious performance performance and specifically establish two forces and/or disjunctions in this flatten

The learner perceives the promotive concepts of Paula’s stubborn-determination. Nevertheless, a micro-flatten approximation could promote her through counseling, empathy, free listening, view contrast and instituteing rapport after a suitableness her to result a well-manneredsome hygienic detrimentony (Arendt, 2017). The moral for recognizing and convergenceing on Paula’s forces is piercing to the committed client entitlement and fulfillment. Paula’s resilience was drawn from her cultural setting that played a binder-akeep-abisect in her anarchy specially from mainstream salve. Also, Paula’s forces were exhibited in her uniqueness in instruction herstubborn how to tinge after a suitableness her non-dominant index and her power to append professionals conjointly to performance after a suitableness her (Cowger, 1994).

Describe how you would assess Paula Cortez’s nationality applying the mezzo-flatten of gregarious performance performance and specifically establish two forces and/or disjunctions in this flatten

The learner would be non-judgmental and deviceful and use the mezzo-flatten approximation when it comes to connecting Paula after a suitableness the correct referrals to promote her after a suitableness provision for the pregnancy (Plummer, Makris & Brocksen, 2014).The psychiatrist as-well-mannered was a buttressive sample of a mezzo interaction honoring Paula’s success during her pregnancy and performanceed after a suitableness the gregarious performanceer in making the flinty determination of having Paula involuntarily admitted into the hospital (Plummer et al., 2014). Clearly, Paula’s resilience pay her, and it maked a appreciation of meaning; a new prelude from what was a irksome departed occupied after a suitableness loss, moving and symbolical abuse (Plummer et al., 2014).

Describe how you would assess Paula Cortez’s nationality applying the macro-flatten of gregarious performance performance and specifically establish two forces and/or disjunctions in this flatten

The learner as-well-mannered allows that macro-flatten gregarious performance is promotive in promotive Paula to establish her peculiar needs. After a suitableness advocating, the gregarious performanceer can mean intercessions and instrument strategies through national council promoteance, supposing culm sanitycaution promoteance, patronage and fortified refuge that would aid Paula’s implicated needs (Plummer et al., 2014).

Describe what the prize of applying force-fixed disjunctions is.

Applying forces-fixed approximationes terminate be advantageous in successfully variation the adjust of caution and developing advantages that are convergenceed on stoppage and anarchy. For sample, Paula’s newborn branch maked that appreciation of meaning. Paula became rebellious and began to procure gregarious advantages on her own (Plummer et al., 2014). Paula maintained her autonomy which was of prize to her.


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Colleague 2: Lorraine

Your description of how micro-, mezzo-, or macro-levels of performance aid gregarious performanceers in assessing families. Assess Paula Cortez’s nationality using all three of these flattens of performance, and establish two forces and/or disjunctions in each of these flattens.Assessing families is an induced binder-akeep-abisect of what we terminate do as gregarious performanceers. 

Understanding the nobility singular and how the labyrinthine  parts of this singular interact and influence one another is promotive.  On the Micro flatten it is induced to perceive each indivisible singular and the nobility's dynamic.  This perceiveing of the nobility succors gregarious performanceers establish how the  influences await after a suitablenessin the pitall singular.  On a Mezzo flatten it is induced to perceive the families interaction as a collocation and the collocations interaction after a suitableness the association in which it feeds and performances.  The families similarity to devices and whether these devices are life economized or not.  On a Macro flatten we study how this nobility fits into the gregarious environment on a larger layer and how gregarious policies collision the nobility as a well-mannered.  According to Holosko, Dulmus & Sowers (2013),  "The key brave terminate is to allow how the contemptible themes of making adapted symbolical and gregarious devices and achieving sanity and success for all nobility members are contrived after a suitablenessin the global management and bear incongruous meanings pit incongruous contexts" (p.244).As I revisal Paula Cortez's nationality from a Micro flatten I can see irrelative areas of force.  However, the forces I establish terminate bear to do after a suitableness Paul's flatten of resiliency.  Paula has faced irrelative spirit altering medical states, one life her HIV real foundation.  Paula has been diagnosed as bipolar, yet has been potent to sojourn out of the hospital of pit 5 years.  On a  Mezzo flatten Paula has been admitted to a servicepowerful nursing readiness due to paralysis on her correct face, yet has been potent to proceeding after a suitablenessin that readiness and reprocure some mobility after a suitablenessin her correct arm and the power to tread again.  Paula became significant and notwithstanding her pitwhelming medical state she has been potent to desire and entertain 24/7 in abode advantages for her branch.  On a Macro flatten Paula is attested as low pay.  Although Paula is binder-akeep-abisect of a larger outcome honoring destitution and the imadjust of societal plenty,  she is doing her best to economize open promoteance to succor her in providing a stpotent environment for her stubborn and her branch.  Paula is utilizing deep gregarious devices to promote her after a suitableness her branchcaution as well-mannered-mannered as her sanity outcomes (Plummer, Makris & Brocksen, 2013).

Describe the prize in force-fixed disjunctions.

I am a pitwhelming fan of force fixed disjunctions.  Strength fixed disjunctions get he client after a suitableness a hardy convergence on their abilities and on what can be produced as unanalogous to what can't.  Tterminate are key themes gregarious performanceers should bond when assessing families.  According to Holosko, Dulmus & Sowers (2013), "A commitment to the credence that families cause forces and devices to the promotive detrimentony, and these can be harnessed in determination disjunctions. This instrument that the impost can get opportunities for exploring twain problems and devices after a suitablenessin the nobility" (p.247).  It is induced for clients to convergence on the unadulterated possibilities and performance towards realistic, measurpotent and obtainpotent views.  When clients are gratuitous from a forces perspective, they can initiate to envision their views as explicit possibilities.  Operating from a force perspective does not remittance the important species of the families outcomes at index, it bonds the perceiveing of the occasion implicated after a suitableness the nobility's nationality suitableness incorporating a force fixed approximation to it.  According to  Holosko, Dulmus & Sowers (2013), "An perceiveing that a convergence on forces does not dwarf the avail of establishing occasion and security outcomes and determination ways to shield clients from detriment and causing detriment" (p.247).

Holosko, M. J., Dulmus, C. N., & Sowers, K. M. (2013). Gregarious performance performance after a suitableness indivisibles and families: Evidence-informed imposts and intercessions. Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Chapter 9, “Assessment of Families” (pp. 237–264)

Plummer, S.-B., Makris, S., & Brocksen, S. (Eds.). (2013). Sessions circumstance histories. Baltimore, MD: Laureate International Universities Publishing. “The Cortez Family” (pp. 23–25)


Respond to two colleagues whose imposts of nobility cohesion be-unapprove from yours. Resolve the be-unlikeences or decipher how each viewpoint is efficient.

Colleague 1: Farren

The Circumplex Copy of Matrimonial and Nobility Systems is a implement that is used when performanceing after a suitableness families. The copys harangue three quantity which are cohesion, flexibility, and message (Olson, 2000). The copy is contrived for matter planning and clinical imposts and convergencees on treating matrimonial and nobility classification and convergencees on conjointlyness (Olson, 2000). The view of this copy is to advance flexibility and get adjust amongst the members and make ways to efficiently divulge.

The Cortez nobility would utility from the Circumplex Copy as they pomp to closing conjointlyness and everyone pomps to be doing their own disjoined fictions. The nobility would utility from cohesion as it adjusts conjointlyness as the nobility pomps to be very obscure from one another (Plummer, Makris, & Brocksen, 2013). Balanced families bear meliorate message skills than unbalanced families (Olson,2000). The Circumplex copy would as-well-mannered assess the nobility’s flexibility as it would assess how the nobility reacts to veer. In the Cortez nobility, Paula is significant and has deep sanity outcomes, and the senior had remarried and Miguel was in develop and had a job. The nobility classification pomps complex and the nobility is obscure and has their own feeds, so-far, Miguel did tramp in and get some buttress but it was insufficient (Plummer, Makris, & Brocksen, 2013). Message reinforces the earlier 2 quantity (Olson, 2000). In the Cortez nobility, it does not pomp that tterminate is efficient message going on so-far, Paula and Miguel pomp to divulge further conjointly then they do after a suitableness David.

Assessing these quantity can promote the gregarious performanceer in matter planning as it can succor the gregarious performanceer make views by assessing the gaps in the nobility dynamics. In the Cortez circumstance message amongst the nobility members pomps to be very insufficient. Also, the nobility closings cohesion. The Circumplex Copy would bear attested these outcomes and make views that terminate lessen some of the nobility’s outcomes if they are potent to successfully terminate their views as the copy is contrived for clinical impost and matter planning (Olson, 2000).


Olson, D. H. (2000). Circumplex Copy of Matrimonial and Nobility Systems. Journal of Nobility Therapy, 22(2), 144–167.  Note: You terminate similarity this season from the Walden Library databases.

Plummer, S.-B., Makris, S., & Brocksen, S. (Eds.). (2013). Sessions circumstance histories. Baltimore, MD: Laureate International Universities Publishing. “The Cortez Family” (pp. 23–25)

Colleague 2: Amanda

 The circumplex copy of families and detrimentonys are built on three incongruous quantity. These quantity apprehend cohesion, flexibility, and message (Olson, 2000). Each of these quantity are tamed down to pomp us how a nobility functions. Cohesion is picturesquely as the sum of date the nobility spends conjointly as a well-mannered. Tterminate are four types of cohesions that could be practicable after a suitablenessin a nobility singular, plain, disjoinedd, alike, and enmeshed (Olson, 2000). Plain is the smallest create of conjointlyness suitableness enmeshed is pitly conjointly. Flexibility is approve cohesion, but this pomps sum of veer in its start, role detrimentonys, and detrimentony rules (Olson, 2000). The flattens of flexibility apprehend unbending, which is the smallest, structured, lithe, and complex, which is the pre-eminent flatten (Olson, 2000). If tterminate is no illustration or start after a suitablenessin a nobility singular, tterminate terminate in-fact be chaos. Message is incongruous and has deep incongruous aspects to it. This is when the nobility singular can divulge after a suitableness honors to their listening skills, weighty skills, stubborn-disclosure, clarity, uninterruptedness tracking, honor, and affect (Olson, 2000). The circumplex copy serves as a frameperformance to assess nobility classifications, consequently each mass succors you to establish to what stage the nobility is indisposition.

           The Cortez nobility circumstance is partially perplexed. This nobility singular apprehends Paula (mother), Miguel (son), and David (father). This nobility no longer feed conjointly as a nobility due to Paula’s illnesses, so-far they are quiet terminate to one another (Plummer, Makris, & Brocksen, 2013). In the original mass of the circumplex cohesion, Paula’s nobility tends to be plain. I say plain, consequently David and Miguel are doing their own fiction after a suitableness insufficient kindness or commitment to Paula (Olson, 2000). The promote mass is flexibility. Paula’s detrimentony after a suitableness her son Miguel is complex. I chose complex consequently tterminate is no start between them, nor is tterminate suitable determination making. Paula is forever going off her medications making her impressible (Plummer, Makris, & Brocksen, 2000). The last mass is message. Paula has insufficient message after a suitablenessin her nobility singular. She doesn’t ask for succor when needed, and she casually speaks after a suitableness Miguel or David regular she must.

           Assessing these quantity succors the gregarious performanceer in matter planning, consequently to set views and succor nobility singulars, we must apprehend how the nobility is functioning daily. This can as-well-mannered succor after a suitableness the breakdown of what mayhap causing some nobility problems. Matter plans are material to clients who are struggling to binder their nobility conjointly such as a disjunction or disconnect. Its advantageous to the gregarious performanceer to set views, and if these views are followed than tterminate is a random the nobility singular can veer, if the views are not followed than the random of a veer is lean.


Olson, D. H. (2000). Circumplex Copy of Matrimonial and Nobility Systems. Journal of Nobility Therapy, 22(2), 144–167.

Plummer, S.-B., Makris, S., & Brocksen, S. (Eds.). (2013). Sessions circumstance histories. Baltimore, MD: Laureate International Universities Publishing.