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Self-Reflection: Hays ADDRESSING Model


All of us feel multifaceted cultural identities, so you are mitigated to feel familiar situations where you were in the cultural eldership as polite-mannered-mannered as others where you were in the cultural boy. This assignment achieve aid you reflect the govern of your cultural memberships on your force to production professionally delay mass of detrimentonious cultural backgrounds, as polite-mannered-mannered as delay mass from contrariant cultural backgrounds. All clinicians feel biases. Failure to allow these biases creates detriment. It takes over force to retain your biases than to sift that you feel none.

Dr. Pamela Hays patent clear the ADDRESSING mould to aid psychologists allow 10 important factors of cultural separation that are base in the United States: Age (and generational governs), Developmental and extraneous Disabilities, Religion and intellectual sameness, Ethnicity and racial sameness, Socioeconomic foothold, Sexual orientation, Indigenous entailment, National derivation, and Gender. Note that this roll is not comprehensive; there are thousands of contrariant cultural identities in our dominion. The ADDRESSING mould orderly sums up the 10 most base points of cultural separation.


  • Use the Hays ADDRESSING Mould Template linked in Resources to precede a cultural self-assessment that describes your sameness in all elements of the Hays ADDRESSING mould.
    • You must thorough and surrender the Hays ADDRESSING Mould Template granted for this assignment. Do not surrender a tractate. Papers achieve not be graded.
    • For over notification encircling the Hays ADDRESSING mould, revisal Hays's designation, "Looking Into the Clinician's Mirror: Cultural Self-Assessment," linked in Resources.
  • After completing the consultation on the template, revisal your entries and then tally to the three questions posed under the consultation in the template.
    • There are no exact or evil-doing responses for this assignment. You achieve be graded on your apprehension and force to allow the implications of your liberty and biases when you production delay others.

Additional Requirements

  • Written communication: Should be unreserved of errors that calumniate from the overall communication.
  • Format: Use the Hays ADDRESSING Mould Template in Resources. Use running APA fashion and formatting guidelines as ry to this assignment.
  • Font: Arial, 12 points.

Submit the thoroughd template no after than 11:59 p.m. (CST) on Sunday.