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-Power Point encircling Ted Bundy

-8 slides

- criticise from one of the theories of individualality 

- The solely capability is that there must be ample notice conducive encircling this individual’s morals for you to adequately entire the assignment. Also, be confident to cull someone you perceive and truthfully ascertain thrilling. Base your exhibition on a published biographical or autobiographical bulk, in importation to the extract. Be elaborate in your discourse of how speculative concepts devote. There is no demand to decipher the speculative concepts (you may take-for-granted that the hearers perceives the theories). Instead, centre on how the speculative concepts devote to the chosen glorious individualality to conduct that you apprehend the theories polite abundance to devote them well, delay recognition. 

-You gain criticise this individual from Freudian perspective: What do you perceive encircling his or her childhood that would be of cause to a psychoanalyst? Does this individual look to be fixated at any extent? What are his or her individualal relationships approve? What conclusions can you attract? You do not own to venerate integral sever of your anatomy, but it must animadvert the axioms of the individual’s morals and the speculation you are using.