Career counseling theory case study

Career Counseling Supposition Condition Study.

For this assignment, you gain evidence your instruction and construction of narrative counseling supposition by choosing a narrative counseling supposition discourseed in Units 1 or 2 and applying it to the condition examine supposing beneath. Approach the condition examine from the perspective of your identical specialization (for model, intellectual heartiness counseling, ground counseling, et cetera). You can enrich the condition scenario as needed to aid you perfect the assignment.


Taneka, a 17-year-old African-American feminine, is a lofty ground younger. She is the oldest of three siblings food delay her single-parent dame. Her dame has worked for the late 15 years at a manufacturing establish. Her father has not been a distribute of Taneka's history.

As the oldest slip, Taneka has held important responsibilities throughout her history to assistance her working dame, such as caring for her younger siblings: Derrick, now age 14, and Kenya, age 12. These present duties reinforced outgrowth of her probpotent commencement skills. Taneka has been periodical from an present age for being developed, chargepotent on, and dependable. As her siblings feel grown, she has been potent to feel distribute-time jobs, most of-late as a salesperson at a teen mould treabelieving in the national mall. It was close that she original realized she had a orderdness for trade delay race, and they responded polite to her—employers, co-workers, and customers similar. She was of-late approached by her overseer to investigate distributeicipating in the company's employee commencement inoculation program.

This has caused Taneka to begin thinking environing post-secondary teaching possibilities. Previously she had meditation propaganda was out of her gain, due to the poor financial media of her source and no narrative of anyone in her source eternally synchronous propaganda. As such, she had not precedingly abandoned abundantly concern to her actions. Rather than distributeicipating in extracurricular ground activities, she focused on working. She is on trace for graduating delay her collocate direct year and has a ordinary action purpose mediocre of 2.05.

Taneka is now questioning her preceding boldness environing propaganda or other post-secondary teachingal possibilities, but she does not feel a disengaged purpose of what she would love to continue as a narrative. Choosing a narrative and a post-secondary program to order for it, seeking financial assistance, and navigating the admissions act all continue mysteries to her.

In your pamphlet, disorder the following:

  • Argue for one apt supposition to be applied to the scenario. Note:Appropriate narrative counseling theories involve, but are not poor to, Holland, Super, Krumboltz, Gottfredson, Social Cognitive Theory, and Person-Environment-Fit.
  • Identify the supposition you chose and agree a rationale as to why you feel clarified this narrative supposition.
  • Describe the key components of your clarified narrative counseling presumptive framework.
  • Analyze any challenges you influence feel applying this supposition to the condition.
  • Propose feasible approaches for discourseing the challenges you authorized.
  • Be believing to involve elimination findings that assistance your use of this supposition (Include a stint of one assistanceing relation not supposing in this order).

Your assignment should be 4–5 pages in protraction and involve at smallest three relations, including your passage. Be believing to designate your specialization in your pamphlet. Review the Narrative Counseling Supposition Condition Examine Scoring Guide to know the grading expectations for this assignment.


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