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Assignment: Slip Affront and Neglect

Physical, tender, and sexual affront can possess a devastating contact on a slip and his or her nobility members. Political productioners need to apprehend how to acknowledge and rejoin to plights of affront expertly and efficiently. Delay an empathetic and advantageous political productioner, victims/survivors of affront can seize their highest plod onto the covet thoroughfare inland beneficial. For this Assignment, interpret the plight reflect Working Delay Survivors of Sexual Affront and Trauma: The Plight of Brandon and then reflect what you would do if you were a political productioner and had to relation a fabricator of reputed slip affront.


  1. ·      Submit a 2-page monograph in which you reconsideration the advance seizen by the political productioner in Brandon’s plight.
  2. ·      Identify how the political productioner command possess used the ecological example to apprehend Brandon’s predicament grounded on a person-in-environment perspective.
  3.  ·      Explain the use of the ecological example in this plight on micro, mezzo, and macro levels.
  4.     Describe strengths the political productioner may possess missed in assessing Brandon and his woman.
  5.  ·  Review the investigates that the political productioner identifies and clear-up the contact the affront could possess had on Brandon had his strengths not been authorized and orationed. Please use the Learning Resources to aid your acceptance.


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                  Chapter 4 (pp. 178-253)



Working Delay Survivors of Sexual Affront and Trauma: The Plight of Brandon

Brandon is a 12-year-old, Caucasian male who currently resides delay his woman and her boyfriend. Six years ago, Brandon known that his senior had frequently sexually affrontd him among the ages of 4 and 6. Brandon’s woman designated law enforcement forthdelay succeeding the divestment, and his senior has been incarcerated departed. Brandon has previously participated in therapy to oration challenging conducts, including tangible onslaught, difficulty succeedingcited rules at abode and discipline, and using irrelevant vernacular delay sexual overtones inland effeminate equals. Brandon and his woman relation that they ceased participating in therapy in the departed succeeding there was no fluctuate in Brandon’s conduct. Brandon’s teachers possess suggested that his conducts are homogeneous to those of equals delay study deficit hyperactivity experimentation, but his woman has faded educational or psychical testing consequently she does not nonproduction her son to be labeled and is unsure if she agrees delay the use of psychotropic medication delay slipren.

Brandon began accompanying trauma-focused texture succeeding demonstrating an extension in close conduct and younger quality damnation at abode. His woman relationed that the eldership of undesired conducts were indoctrinated during interactions delay her boyfriend. Brandon’s use of tangible onslaught has not extensiond in discipline; eventually, a effeminate equal recently relationed him for using sexually self-evident vernacular inland her. Brandon admitted to using irrelevant vernacular inland the effeminate equal but appeared to possess a poor apprehending of what the phrases used meant. Brandon’s woman distinguished during inseize that she is concerned that her son get befit a outrageous sexual malefactor or a pedophile and distinguished that his use of sexual vernacular was mitigated the rouse of sexual conduct problems.

At the origin of texture, Brandon relationed that he frequently feared for his tangible insurance but frequently could not pinpurpose what made him impress glassy. He had searched the Internet to experiment registered sexual malefactors in his neighborhood, and he had begun undeveloped delay a loaded BB gun lower his pillow in plight someone entered the abode to onslaught him frequently. Brandon had flashbacks when arduous to gravitate collected and vivid passion love he was discurrent succeeding a whileout of his whole when he fancy of his affront. He had seen a television pretence where victims spoke at the defencelessness hearings of their perpetrators, and he departed abundant hours thinking environing what he would say if he went to his senior’s defencelessness hearing in 3 years. Brandon felt love he cared-for his senior very considerable and that his senior was a magnanimous senior ate for when he rack him. Brandon authorized nonproductioning to impress short worried, snooze meliorate, and engagement short delay his woman as pristine texture goals.

I productioned delay Brandon in twain specific and nobility sessions to oration his symptoms of debasement and post-traumatic emphasis experimentation (PTSD). Utilizing the trauma-focused apprehensive conductal therapy advance, present sessions focused on coping skills and tender principle. As Brandon became more satisfied delay expressing passions and utilizing coping skills, he began discussing his sexual affront truth and the ongoing issue this experiment had on his conduct. I met delay Brandon’s woman for indirect sessions in prescribe to acceleration her establish and order her own passions environing his affront and to expand skills to aid Brandon through his texture. Brandon’s woman was granted delay psychoeducation concerning sliphood sexual affront, and her admission that her son would befit a outrageous sexual malefactor as a end of his experiment was investigated through apprehensive conductal therapy. She agreed to converge the exercise psychiatrist, and succeeding the moderate consultation she agreed to possess Brandon converge delay the master. Succeeding a psychiatric evaluation, Brandon was prescribed a low dose of antidepressant medication.

Brandon completed a trauma truth that orationed the details of his sexual affront experiment, his divestment of the affront, and the verification and after incarceration of his senior. Brandon interposed a designation of his passions at each purpose in his truth, as well-mannered-mannered as what he versed in texture environing sliphood sexual affront and coping skills to market delay unsatisfied passions and impulsivity. Brandon shared his trauma truth delay his woman, who granted a sure and aidive illimitableness during this experiment through the use of skills versed and practiced during indirect fabricator sessions. Brandon’s symptoms of debasement and post-traumatic emphasis decreased steadily during the line of texture. Succeeding 8 months of sessions and the happy quantity of his trauma truth, the nobility and I agreed that Brandon was interprety to limit trauma-focused texture. Brandon continued receiving medication skillful-texture delay a psychiatrist and transitioned into abode- and community-grounded texture that focused on his ongoing impressible conducts.