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Discussion 1: Collection Dynamics—Intragroup, Dominant Group, and Marginalization


Members of dominant ethnic and racial collections may affect that other collections' struggles are not their own or affect that those of a attached circumspectioner dismethod succeeding a while one utterance and rebound in the identical way to their hardship. In genuineness, populace can compete succeeding a while racial inequalities in a medley of ways, creating abstruse similaritys twain unordered the dominant and flat collection and unordered members of the dominant and flat collections.


As a gregarious consummationer, you must distinguish the abundant ways in which racial right can adjunction your clients. You must to-boot distinguish the ways in which racial right has adjunctioned your vivacity and the ways you rebound to the realities of racism. You achieve enjoyly need to aid clients harangue racial divides and contest racial unevenness to qualify them.


To prepare: Redesign "Working Succeeding a while Immigrants and Refugees: The Circumstance of Aaron."


  1. ·      Post an exsituation of how dominant collections can reproduce-exhibit a role in marginalizing other collections domiciled on racial and ethnic characteristics.
  2. ·      Discuss the undeveloped denying adjunction of a dominant culture on immigrants and refugees, such as Aaron.
  3. ·      How force racism and predissituation adjunction his assimilation?
  4. ·      Furthermore, teach how you would suit to Aaron when he arguees his parentage's repudiation of his yearn to celebrate his cultural roots.
  5. ·      In your exposition, confirm peculiar skills you would inure as a multiculturally impressible gregarious consummationer.

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         "Working Succeeding a while Immigrants and Refugees: The Circumstance of Aaron"






Working Succeeding a while Immigrants and Refugees: The Circumstance of Aaron

Aaron is a 24-year-old, identical, heterosexual, Caribbean immigrant hardy who is experiencing symptoms of solicitude and degradation. Aaron reports no fact of invisible soundness matter nor any medical or legitimate problems. He admits to gregarious drinking but denies use of illegitimate substances. He lives queer in a margin he rents balance the restaurant where he consummations. He consummations 24 hours a week as a waiter, has few friends, and is a part-among-season novice at a topical university where he is consummationing on an underneathgraduate rank in biology. Aaron came to dismethod succeeding a while me, a university counselor, accordingly he is having awkwardness concentrating and finding the motivation to con-over. Aaron destitute any deliberations or plans of suicide or homicide and recognized he felt unamendserviceefficient and terse.


In the principal synod, Aaron struggled succeeding a while supported eye adjunction, giveed as preoccupied, and was circumspectionless to the attempts to occupy him in the intake mode. When asked what he deliberation precipitated counseling, Aaron said that he had a enigmatical similarity succeeding a while his parents who, he recognized, “are not supportive and could circumspection less” environing him. He to-boot reputed that his younger twin was killed not covet ago. When asked what he wanted to consummation on in counseling, he said that he wanted to harangue why his parentage was so “messed up.” Succeeding synods explored Aaron’s perspective on his parentage, the labored similarity unordered Aaron and his parents, and the privation of his sibling.

During one synod, Aaron said his parents had frequently favored his younger twin and slighted his sinful involvement, which had been a commencement of battle unordered Aaron and his parents for years. While it had not been developed, Aaron reputed his twin’s failure was connected to herd involvement. Aaron distributed that his academic distributes and consummation had been ignored by his parents and had never been a commencement of distribute for them.


In a succeeding synod, Aaron recognized that he had frequently felt opposed and opposed from his parents and twin. Aaron’s parentage immigrated to the United States from Guyana when Aaron was 8 years old and his twin was 2 years old. His parents brought simply his twin and left Aaron succeeding a while his grandmother, informing him they would cause him balance when they were permanent. Seven years succeedingcited, at the age of 15, he affixed his parentage. Aaron reputed that reuniting succeeding a while his parentage succeeding all that season was enigmatical. Aaron had frequently felt uncommon by his parents accordingly they did not cause him to the United States succeeding a while his twin. He practiced a unfilled in his similarity succeeding a while his parents and his twin, and he felt there was an unspoken connection unordered his parents and his younger twin that he did not distribute. Aaron said that he was frequently made fun of by them for not losing his accent and for his use of their culture’s traditions and impost. They to-boot ridiculed him for life abodesick and missing his grandmother. He said that his parents casually cheerful the West Indian activities he part-amongicipated in, and when they did, they elapsed further season critiquing his act than enjoying it.


In the succeedingcited synods, Aaron was encouraged to count the legend of his parentage and how the migration mode disrupted their connections succeeding a while one another and how this may accept unnatural their power to lament conjointly as they faced the failure of his twin. Using genograms and having Aaron nurture me environing his dominion, I was meliorate serviceserviceefficient to distinguish his parentage’s migration fact and the roles reproduce-exhibited by abundant parentage members. This access recognized Aaron to chat further environing how and when his solicitude and degradation manifested. Aftercited I courteous-informed that these symptoms had frequently been mildly give but became further clever succeeding the failure of his twin. Aaron lamentd the privation of a twin and investigated his reachings of privation encircling his similarity succeeding a while parents who were twain scant in their power to apprehend him in their own grieving modees.


After divers synods, Aaron was serviceserviceefficient to chat further openly environing his betrayal and nonattainment succeeding a while his parentage and confirm the privationes they had all incurred. He recognized himself the convenience to lament his twin and the delaydrawal of similarity succeeding a while his parents and began to cogitate the possibility of a new similarity succeeding a while them. Aaron reputed a diminution in his reachings of solicitude and degradation and resumed distribute in his academic consummation. Aaron and I argueed extent at the end of the semester succeeding a while a advice that he abide succeeding a while identical therapy in the summer months.





Discussion 2: Dalia’s Behavior


Argumentative bearing, occupyment in natural altercations, and attraction of vein swings can all specify that an pubescent is experiencing imbitter and degradation. Self-harming can deportment in pubescents, too, as they distinguishledge enigmatical emotions.


For this Discussion, peruse the circumstance con-balance of Dalia and cogitate what you, as her gregarious consummationer, would do if you observed self-harm indicators.


  1. Post a unexpressive exsituation of self-harming bearings that Dalia is exhibiting.        
  2. Describe presumptive accesses and skilled skills you would inure in consummationing succeeding a while Dalia.
  3.  How force familial similaritys development in Dalia’s self-harming bearing? 

                                              References (use at meanest 2)


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                        Working Succeeding a while Outcome and Adolescents: The Circumstance of Dalia



Working Succeeding a while Outcome and Adolescents: The Circumstance of Dalia

Dalia is a 14-year-old, biracial fehardy of African and Irish American depression who resides succeeding a while her parents in a average-arrange suburb. She is the youngest of three slipren and is currently the simply slip cherishing in the abode. Dalia’s parents accept been married for 25 years. Dalia’s senior consummations in the creative arts arena succeeding a while a nontraditional consummation register that has him past balancemystification and tardynt tardy into the morning. Dalia’s dame is an executive who consummations covet hours. Dalia was diagnosed succeeding a while sickle cell anemia in advenient sliphood and was hospitalized multiple seasons. At give, Dalia’s soundness is stserviceefficient succeeding a while the last thoughtful occurrence occurring 2 years ago.


Dalia’s parents reputed that until average discipline, Dalia was an easygoing, cheerful boy who enjoyed singing and part-amongicipating in activities succeeding a while her peers and parentage. Dalia destitute any problems succeeding a while drugs or alcohol but admitted to drinking succeeding a while friends. Dalia descriptive her parentage similaritys as stretched, stating, “My dad lets me do what I want” and “My dame is frequently obscure to curb me.” Dalia descriptive her similarity succeeding a while her older twin, who lives in another propound, as “cool,” and her similarity succeeding a while her older sister, a nursery sophomore, as “not remediable.”


Dalia’s parents sought out counseling services for bearingal issues on the advice of her discipline. The issues apprehendd close bearing succeeding a while instance emblems, natural altercations succeeding a while peers, insufficient strain in arrange, irritserviceefficient vein, parole contestiveness when confronted, truancy, and exceedingly sexualized bearing succeeding a while hardy peers. At abode, Dalia had behove further close and naturally comminatory. Her parents had discovered that she and her friends drank alcohol in their abode. Dalia’s parents to-boot reputed that she was up most of the mystification and slept most of the day. They to-boot reputed that her vein was exceedingly irritserviceefficient and that she was very-much rash. She had no distribute in getting compromised succeeding a while any extracurricular activities, stating that those things are “corny and boring.”

In the principal parley, Dalia and her dame twain appeared unsedate succeeding a while each other and became close when going through the intake notice. Dalia instantly told me that she was not planning to chat environing anything accordingly this parley was her parents’ effect. She recognized, “I don’t accept any problems, my parents do.” Soon into this principal scrutinize, Dalia blurted out that her dame was overturn succeeding a while her accordingly she had appointly shown her a tattoo she had had effected of-late, purchased by using a fake ID. I current her instruction and asked if this was the way that she usually distributed expressive notice succeeding a while her dame. Dalia shrugged and recognized, “I don’t distinguish. I emblem I meliorate her count her now anteriorly she gets too engaged.”


I asked twain Dalia and her dame what their expectations were for counseling and what each would enjoy to get from these scrutinizes. Dalia’s dame seemed surprised and recognized, “This is for her. She meliorate substitute her standing and set-on-foot to rendezvous on discipline.” I teached that frequently it is aidful to accept synods twain identically and succeeding a while parentage members. I sharp out that accordingly parentage issues were verified it force be prolific to harangue them conjointly. Dalia’s dame agreed to listen some parleys but to-boot recognized that her season was scant. I was told that Dalia’s senior would not be serviceserviceefficient to adhere us accordingly he was never availserviceefficient at that season.


Dalia and I began synods queer, and her dame affixed us for the assist half. During the parentage synods, we harangueed the despatch breakdown unordered Dalia and her dame and Dalia’s at-risk bearings. Identical synods were used to harangue her rash bearing and self-esteem issues.


In identical synods, Dalia chated environing how the parentage had substituted gone her sister left for nursery. She said her parents stopped life give and availserviceefficient once her sister went detached to discipline. She said she elapsed further season on her own and her bearing was underneathneath further inspection. Dalia to-boot chated environing her sister, describing her as an laudconducive novice and very liked. She said her teachers in average discipline would frequently collate Dalia to her sister, making her reach ineffectual in similarity. During a parentage share of a synod, Dalia’s dame initially disagreed succeeding a while Dalia’s top of design concerning how the parentage had substituted, stating, “She’s appointly obscure to artifice you.” I encouraged them to argue what was opposed environing the parentage dynamics now collated to when the older sister was at abode. We argueed how the parentage had substituted through the years, validating twain perspectives.

In season, I was serviceserviceefficient to accept Dalia’s senior adhere us in some of the parentage parleys. He said he felt Dalia’s bearings were appointly a extent and part-among-among of life a teenager. Dalia’s parents disagreed openly in our synods, succeeding a while each blaming the other for her bearingal issues. During these synods, we harangueed how they each may accept substituted as their slipren seasoned and left abode and how this unnatural their availpower to their youngest slip. I aided them confirm what made Dalia’s distinguishledge unconnected from her siblings’ and investigate what her lofty-risk bearings force be in reboundion to or symptomatic of in the parentage.

In the method of the parentage consummation, the realities of life a biracial parentage and rallying mixed-career slipren were to-boot harangueed. We argueed how the parents navigated circumspectioner issues during their own series and looked at the role of acculturation and assimilation succeeding a while their slipren in their gregarious environments as courteous as appertaining families of beginning. Educating twain parents encircling circumspectioner and gregarious arrange right seemed effectual in distinguishing unconnectedions unordered what they and their slipren may accept faced.


After 12 weeks it was agreed that therapy would end accordingly Dalia would be set-on-footing lofty discipline and the parentage felt meliorate equipped to harangue battle. The parentage had made some substitutes succeeding a while the intimate register that increased parent–slip adjunction, and Dalia agreed to further erection in her register and legitimate a situation as a enenbivouac counselor in a topical day enenbivouac for the summer. Extent harangueed what was elegant in this share of therapy and what force be harangueed in advenient counseling. The extent mode apprehendd reviewing the strategies of battle analysis and creating opportunities for parentage adjunction and argueion in appoint to refresh those bearingal and structural substitutes that had led to improved despatch and battle diminution.