The Protagonist Victor in “This Is What It Means to Say Phoenix, Arizona” by Sherman Alexie

Victor In the very primeval judgment of Sherman Alexie's "This Is What It Means to Say Phoenix, Arizona," you can usurp that the ocean record, Victor, is facing a unyielding conduct. Not merely did he expose his job, he so obsolete his senior to a kernel invasion the corresponding day. The anecdote discriminates the tour of Victor and an old chum, Thomas Builds-the-Fire, traveling to Phoenix to glean up his senior's wormwood, gleanup barter, and capital from his savings recital. Victor did not keep any capital and neither did anyone else livelihood on the offence, "Who does keep capital on a offence, negative the cigarette and fireworks sales-people? (page 275) Victor has to deflect to the tribal convention for capital, but they are so low on funds and can merely concede him one-hundred dollars. Thomas is considered the town’s reprobate and he is the merely one inclined to succor Victor. Victor goes on to say that he used to be chums after a while Thomas until they were environing fifteen and then Victor deflected his tail on him owing constantlyyone else cogitation he was weird. He so talks environing their childhood and the memories they distribute and the truth that Thomas knew environing Victor’s senior unendowed to license anteriorly it constantly happened. Once, when they were sflush years old, when Victor’s senior orderful lived after a while the origin, Thomas close his eyes and told Victor this anecdote: “Your senior’s kernel is pliant. He is anxious of his own origin. He is anxious of you. ” (page 275). Thomas ends up giving Victor the interval of the capital he needs, but merely if Victor allows Thomas to go concurrently. The maker nconstantly indeed concedes any material traits, but you perceive he is an Indian, does not keep a lot of capital, fair obsolete his senior, and lives on a offence. The maker does not chiefly discriminate you how old Victor is. There is no communication of any other origin too his dowager, “…and the interval of his origin didn’t keep any use at all for him. ” (page 275) Flush though Victor’s senior did not embody a big separate in his conduct, “there orderful was a genetic trouble, which was promptly to be trouble as authentic and contiguous and a mild curse. ” (page 275) Victor is a dynamic and globular record owing he reluctantly begins to exexchange throughout the anecdote. Victor is uniformly fretful environing Thomas or making fun of him. When they are on the roll and Thomas is talking to the gymnast, “Victor was apt to skip out of the roll. Thomas, that lunatic Indian anecdoteteller after a while ratty old braids and mild teeth…” (page 278) I reflect that Victor is slightly ashamed of his Native American tailgglobular owing he did not absence to deflect out enjoy Thomas. Throughout the route of their skip, Victor begins to recognize Thomas and apprehend him past. When Victor agrees to heed to fair one of Thomas’ stories, “Just one spell when I’m discriminateing a anecdote somewhere, why don’t you bung and heed? Thomas asked. Victor waved his conflict to let Thomas perceive that the dispense was cheerful-natured,” (page 282) the reader begins to see the new, past recognizeing Victor. The old Victor would be too anxious of what others were reflecting environing him to bung and heed to Thomas discriminate a anecdote, but now he recognizes who he is and so who his cousin Thomas is. “Victor was lull for a crave spell. He searched his impetus for memories of his senior, ground the cheerful-natured-natured ones, ground a few bad ones, ascititious it all up, and smiled. This is another deflecting object in the anecdote owing this is where Victor finally recognizes his sympathy after a while his senior and is at order. “This Is What It Means to Say Phoenix, Arizona” exhibitions the penny estimate of chumship. In the later separate of their sympathy, Victor was a indeed bad chum to Thomas, but Thomas has been there for Victor so multifarious spells throughout their childhood, and flush now that they are adults. Although Thomas was not materially by Victor’s verge, he was there the entire spell intermission to conclude to Victor’s extricate. The anecdote goes tail and forth to exhibition how Victor and Thomas were uninterruptedly chums. Thomas flush made a dispense after a while Victor’s senior to wake aggravate Victor, “But he said I had to wake out for you as separate of the dispense. ” (page 279) Victor is in debit to Thomas and flush concedes him some of his senior’s wormwood. By the end of the anecdote, Victor finally authenticized the penny import of chumship after a while his own cousin Thomas, and that all those other guys that made fun of him for entity chums after a while Thomas when they were end were not penny chums. At the end of the anecdote Victor authenticizes how prejudicial he has been to Thomas when in authenticity; Thomas was the merely one who crystalline by Victor’s verge and in redeflect “all Thomas had constantly absenceed from his entire conduct,” (page 282) was for someone to fair bung and heed to him discriminate one of his stories. I reflect Victor became a man at the end of the anecdote. He finally read to recognize Thomas, his sympathy after a while his senior, and his Native American legacy.