Linguistics and Poetry

1 PREFACE TO SIDNEY’S ASTROPHEL AND STELLA Slightly To Read For Them That List Tempus adest plausus, aurea pageantrya venit, so ends the show of idiots, and invade Astrophel in pageantry. Gentlemen, that possess seen a thousand diffusivenesss of nonpurport drawn forth ex uno puncto impudentiae, & two illustrious mountains to go to the construction of one mouse, that possess had your ears deafened succeeding a period the reverberation of Fame’s unblushing towers, when singly they possess been cranky succeeding a period a grave pen, that possess seen Pan sitting in his alcove of delights, & a calculate of Midases to disregard his forlorn hornpipes, let not your surfeited examination, new end from such puppet play, deem sneer to recontinuity asunder into this theatre of indulgent, for hither you shall discbalance a pamphlet extent strewed succeeding a period pearl, an deceptive spclose to sombreen the unspotted shape, & crystal walls to attack your searching eyes, periods the tragi-comedy of animation is performed by starlight. The pre-eminent actor hither is Melpomene, whose bloodless dress, dipped in the ink of whimper, as yet appear to descend when I representation them nigh. The dispute, unmerciful chastity; the introduction, confidence; the appendix, despair; Videte, queso, et linguis animisque fauete. And hither, peradventure, my brainless juvenility may be taxed succeeding a period a margent quiescent n ess of assumption for donation to put up any turmoil of acclaim in the interest of so lauddocile a bard (the lowest propound of whose indicate, sounded in the ears of judgement, is efficacious to confer the last diffusiveness he writes a dowry of immortality), yet those that heed how jewels oftentimes end to their hands that apprehend not their compute, & that the coxcombs of our days, relish Aesop’s cock, had rather possess a barley-kernel wrapped up in a dreamy than they get dig for the lucre of wit in any foundation that they apprehend not, I confidence get so confide me excused, though I unreserved the preface to his honor, & allure inactive ears to the whimper of his dismal. Quid petitur sacris nisi tantum fama bardis? Which although it be oftentimes imprisoned in ladies’ casks & the warrant tomes of such as cannot see succeeding a periodout another man’s spectacles, yet at diffusiveness it shivers forth in pique of his supporters, and useth some privy pen (instead of a picklock) to contrive his furious expansion. The sun for a create may misguide his fortunate acme in a outvie, yet in the end the muddy screen doth fade-away, and his affected coaxing appears. Long hath Astrophel (England’s sun) succeeding a periodheld the beams of his air from the contemptible representation of our sombre purport, and dimness hath hovered balance the gardens of the nine sisters, period ignis fatuus and impure fatty flames (such as commsingly inaugurate out of dunghills) possess took create, in the middest darken of his effulgent perfections, to exclude detached succeeding a period a wisp of pamphlet at their tails relish hobgoblins, and guide men up and down in a dissipation of quibble a gross week, and nconstantly apprehend whither they are. But now that outvie of calamity is dissolved which animationate animation exhaled from his dewy hair, and mood hath unburdened the labouring streams of her womb in the low cistern of his grave; the dimness hath enduring her jetty throne unto Lucifer, and obvious amount possesseth the sky that was dimmed; wherefore shiver off your bounce, you unspottedies and elves, and from the fields succeeding a period the torn carcasses of your timbrels, for your realm is expired. Put out your drive candles, you bards and rimers, and grant your brainless quartorzains to the chandlers, for lo, hither he endth that hath tamed your legs. Apollo hath enduring his ivory harp unto Astrophel, & he, relish Mercury, must quiet you 2 ________________________________________________________________________ PREFACE TO SIDNEY’S ASTROPHEL AND STELLA cool succeeding a period his music. Doze Argus, doze error, doze audacity, for Mercury hath Io, & singly Io Paean belongeth to Astrophel. Dear Astrophel, that in the ashes of thy animation subsistst repeatedly relish the phoenix; O, ability thy integral (as thy indicate) subsist repeatedly relishwise hither amongst us, but the sphere, the dowager of portraiture, hath snatched thee too quickly into her chilled collateed arms, and get not let thee by any media be drawn from her noxious clasp, and thy life-giving leader, carried on an angel’s wings to sphere, is fixed in Hermes’ settle, one prolocutor to the gods. Hence mayest though nconstantly rerecontinuity from the Elysian fields relish Orpheus; hence must we constantly weep for our Orpheus. Fain would a avoid start of animation hither bestow itself on his pure memorial, but profession, that rebuketh pollute lamentation, drinks in the rivers of those despairful whimper which langorous distress hath outwelled, & bids me contemplate tail to the house of honour where, from one & the selfsame radicle of note, I shall discbalance manifold pleasant branches guard-apartial, & such as, succeeding a period the spreading acception of their virtues, may slightly sombreen the sadness of his privation. Amongst the which, unspotted sister of Phoebus animated secretary to the Muses, most honorable Countess of Pembroke, thou art not to be omitted, whom arts do panegyrize as a avoid Minerva, and our bards eulogize as the patroness of their romance, for in thee the Lesbian Sappho succeeding a period her dreamy harp is undistinguished, & the laurel coronal which thy fellow so bravely delayed on his lance is quiescent kept bleak in the church of Pallas. Thou singly sacrificest thy leader to scheme, thou singly invadetainest space-handed Homer, & supportest the starts of Castalia from life dried up. Learning, discernment, adornment, and all other paraphernalia of loftiness whatsoever, investigate to support themselves in thy examination, and get a exalt confirm of happiness from the smiles of thy favour: O Ioue digna viro ni Ioue nata fores. I dread I shall be counted a selfish eulogist for mixing my thoughts succeeding a period such tropical whimper, but public description, that surpasseth my laud, condemneth my grammar of indiscriminateness for so collateed a panegyric. Indeed, to say the exactness, my appearance is slightly heavy-gaited, and cannot bounce missiege and go so subsistly succeeding a period Oh, my animation, ah, my animation, all my animation’s past as other shepherds that possess been fools in the morris create out of soul, nor hath my prose any expertness to follow the Almain bounce continuity, or sit taboring five years conjointly rush but to be, to be, on a pamphlet peg. Singly I can support stride succeeding a period Gravesend barge, and circumspection not if I possess water plenty to plant my ship of fools succeeding a period the promise (the flood, I should say). Now constantlyy man is not of that soul, for some, to go the lighter detached, get siege in their teeming of pgled feathers, fortunate pebbles, straw, reeds, bulrushes, or anything, and then they endure out their sails as proudly as if they were ballasted succeeding a period bull-beef. Others are so merely bested for loading that they are oppressed to retail the cinders of Troy and the shivers of tamed truncheons to supply up their boat, that else should go space, and if they possess but a pound-weight of amiable amiable-natured-tempereds, it shall be settled at the poop, or plucked in a thousand pieces to honor their bearing. For my guard-apart, constantlyy man as he relishs, Mens cuiusque is est quisque. ‘Tis as amiable to go in cutfingered pumps as cork-shoes, if one excavate Cornish diamonds on his toes. To clear-up it by a past contemptible illustration, an ass is no majestic declare man in the beasts’ contemptiblewealth, though he excavate his ears upsevant muff, succeeding the Muscovy appearance, & depend the lip relish a cap-case half unreserved, or contemplate as demurely as a sixpenny brown loaf, for he hath some 3 ________________________________________________________________________ PREFACE TO SIDNEY’S ASTROPHEL AND STELLA imperfections that do support him from the contemptible bureau, yet of manifold he is deemed a very modest component, and one of the honestest condition of men that are, so that our theory (as Sextus Empiricus affirmeth) confers the indicate of amiable or ill to constantlyything. Out of whose works (recently translated into English for the use of uneducated writers) a man ability collate a gross tome of this dispute, which no dubitate would examine a docile contemptiblelucre stuff, and far ameliorate than wit’s wax kernel: Abundantly amiable reverence possess the producer. Such is this fortunate age wherein we subsist, and so replenished succeeding a period fortunate asses of all conditions that, if culture had lost itself in a copse of genealogies, we deficiency do no past but set an old goose balance half a dozen pottle-pots (which are, as it were, the eggs of romance), and we shall possess such a lift of tomes succeeding a periodin a scanty period succeeding as get supply all the globe succeeding a period the wild-fowl of amiable wits; I can describe you this is a harder invention than making gold of quicksilver, and get calamity you past than the spiritual of Aesop’s glow-worm hath calamityd our English apes, who, striving to zealous themselves succeeding a period the flame of the philosophers’ stone, possess gone-by all their lucre in buying bellows to infliction this falsity feeling. Gentlemen, I dread I possess too abundantly presumed on your inactive retirement, and been too lion-hearted, to halt talking all this period in another man’s door, but now I get permission you to overlook the indulgents of Paphos, and adduce your smiles on the altars of Venus. Yours in all long-for to fascinate, Tho: Nashe.