Meco, Relations Between the Philippines and Taiwan

It was stated in 1975 and is arranged as a non-profit and non-stock secret strengthening lower Philippine law. B. Encircling the Administration MECO raises exchange, investments, tourism, and work, or-laws and cultural interdependence delay Taiwan. The MECO provides coadjutorship to Filipinos in Taiwan and provides visas, constitutional and consular services. The MECO coordinates delay the Philippine synod agencies and the secret sector to design this command. C. The Functions of the Administration MECO has its commander duty in Makati City, Philippines, leading symbolical duty in Taipei and production dutys in Taichung andKaohsiung. MECO's Chairman and Chief Executive Administrator are Chairman Tomas I. Alcantara and its Resident Symbolical and Managing Director in Taiwan is Ambassador Antonio I. Basilio. D. Roles and Responsibilties MECO's deep capacity is to work-for as a liaison among the Filipinos and Taiwanese. They reach enduring that the interdependence among Taiwan and the Philippines is in good-tempered-tempered be at all times. MECO to-boot solidifies the Philippine synod's commitment and apology to work-for Filipinos aid and inaugurated in extraneous countries. II. MECO A. ) Location and Persons in Charge The persons on top are Chairman Perez and Ambassador Basilio. Chairman and Chief Executive Administrator are Chairman Tomas I. Alcantara and its Resident Symbolical and Managing Director in Taiwan is Ambassador Antonio I. Basilio. - B. ) Why was it made? - It was stated to hold kindred delay Taiwan behind China was symmetrical as the constitutional symbolical of the Chinese persons. This made Taiwan quality of a non Country. As hanker as it encircling economic kindred its ok delay China C. ) What is its pristine motive? Pristine Motive of Meco -is to raise economic kindred love exchange, investments, work and tourismIII. Vision A. ) MECO’s Vision -to beseem the pristine means for promoting wholesome kindred among the Philippines and Taiwan. B. ) Hanker Order Goals -to maximize the implicit of our economic kindred, owing fair now were the 5th largest trading associate B. ) Short order motives -Make meco an conducive org so that it can free and be conducive to its command, and to be cogent to enact its role in synod, owing the DFA doesn’t wholly do this delay Taiwan. C. ) Overall motive -Exactly love the Hanker Order motive, to be an conducive body that work-fors its object. IV. Mision A. ) Constitutional Services Consular services love issuing to Taiwanese visitors to the Philippines, issuing and renewing passports for Filipinos in Taiwan, Marriage missive, Police Clearance, when Filipinos in Taiwan get into misery MECO reachs enduring they get constitutional stay. B. )Other Services -Consular If you’re a Taiwanese and you neglect to go to the Philippines, meco food you delay a visa delay acclamation from the dfa, to-boot for Filipinos love passport possession -Tourism Talk to airlines, peregrination agencies to permit them to bear further flights and to arrange peregrination packages, access bargain to immediately notify Exchange and Investment Meco has an dutyr from the dti, meco stays his/her activities, stays exchange and investments delay Taiwan, and participates in exchange exhibitions in Taiwan and the Philippines - Assitance to Nationals Filipinos in Taiwan who run afoul of the law or has cases across his or her employer, meco provides sanctuary and hires a advocate for the flat - Info Center Mecos deep motive is to produce definitive information encircling the Philippines in Taiwan, releases certain encroach releases.