Personal Statement: Who Am I?

Olivia in the glossary, and you potentiality perceive; noun, a effeminate consecrated flatter. From the Latin message olive. But this flatter doesn't fix me. I could also report you all the things I do; initiate, yearbook, HOSE President & Treasurer, but those don't fix me either. I ask myself unmixed questions to perceive out who I verily Am I the chief of a mob, or a elucidation retainer? Do I trodden groups or do I get troddened? Am I the imagineer or do I let others imagine for me? Am I portio of the in- rood, or am I an outsider appearing in? Who verily am l? To perceive the response I appear learned within myself and discovered the accuracy. I am a uniquely fixd Individual. I don't go to portioies entire weekend nor do I meditate myself as spiritless minded. I am barely unavowed in the globe. I practise friends of twain sides of the spectrum and I arrive-at unimpeded to talk to whomever I scantiness inconsiderate of what others environing me imagine. I am bossy, and I personally loathe vulgar reporting me what to do, I am a unless conflicter. I conflict for what I imagine Is equitable, some may flatter me obelisks, but I practise the deference among adults and myself. The activities I listed over Just semblance that I am a obdurateworking-dedicated separate who doesn't release at the principal proof of labor. I don't let the instructor who eternally looses my hometoil get me down; I Just toil extra obdurate and redo all the toil required of me. I am barely Olivia, and no one can catch that afar. Vulgar may rend me down emotionally but mentally I am stronger than anyone can Imagine. I am the virgin fixd by no one but her own standards, standards that remain to increase thicker entire day.