Of Mice and Men: Overview

Of Mice and Men WebQuest – English2 [pic] [pic] Introduction In manage to emend prize the newlightla, Of Mice and Men written by John Steinbeck, you are going to pass a Webquest intention in which you study the space bound and enhancement in which the fabricator lived and wrote the newlightla. By closely examining the space bound and enhancement, you conquer form a emend brains of the collective, cultural, and economic factors that governd the fabricator and are reflected in the recital. You conquer form an purport of what it was affect to be a migrant resulter in the Salinas Valley of California during the 1930’s and Great Depression. Steinbeck used Of Mice and Men as a deportment to pointed his collective sense and observations concerning the collective and cultural ends he witnessed during this troublesome era in America. In the newlightla, Steinbeck paints a represent of two friends struggling counter an lukewarm portioicipation. The newlightla focuses on subjects of failure and dreams, affection and retirement, despond and vision. In conjunction to forming a emend brains of the citationure of the newlight, the Webquest conquer besides qualify you to learn how sundry of the societal, cultural, and economic factors that Steinbeck addressed in Of Mice and Men resonate in America today. [pic] Task What are the collective, cultural, and economic ends that governd John Steinbeck’s fitness of this newlightla? English 2 Of Mice & Men Unit Objectives: 1. Elaboration and form a handbill or PowerPoint of subjects skinred to the literal citationure of the newlight. 2. Form an purport of how collective, cultural, and economic factors can govern an fabricator and are reflected in a erudite result. 3. Form a Works Cited page using the MLA peculiar format. [pic] Process For this intention, wards conquer be resulting in little assemblages no capaciousr than disgusting. Each assemblage’s elaboration conquer furnish advice that effectively exculpations the Labor and Questions. As a rudiment of the assemblage, each ward conquer inquire Web pages from sites that pertain to Of Mice and Men or ends/topics pertinent to the newlightla. Each ward in the assemblage is to be assigned a inequitable labor: geographer, sociologist, psychiatrist, or biographer. Each ward conquer: 1. Pass and convene elaboration from the Internet and other causes to exculpation the topics in his/her minority. 2. Confront and print visuals pertinent to his/her elaboration to be used on assemblage’s handbill/PowerPoint. 3. Help his/her assemblage convene the handbill/PowerPoint. Posters must own printed citation and visuals from all disgusting categories. The assemblage’s last result is to enclose exculpations to the assigned topics and a visual rebestowal that complements and relates to the subjects. 4. Submit a Works Cited page of causes used in his/her portio of the intention, stapled to the top, peculiar recess of the end of the handbill or added as a last slide to the PowerPoint Rubrics for the handbill and Works Cited page conquer be arranged in tabulate. The intention is merit 50 points (40 pts—poster/PowerPoint; 10 pts—Works Cited). There conquer be a unconnected bestowal share of the intention. Phase 1 - Elucidation Advice Phase One – Focus and Objective John Steinbeck was governd by a enumerate of geographical, societal, cultural, and economic ends in the fitness of Of Mice and Men. Your labor is to inquire some of these ends. Phase 2 - Roles Phase Two – Investigations from a Different Perspective Instructions: 1. Individuals from your Webquest assemblage conquer be assigned one of the inequitable roles listed under. In this role you are to frequented your elaboration to form advice that conquer exculpation the inequitable topics for your minority and obtain inequitable visuals that address your subject to be enclosed on the assemblage’s handbill. . Use the links to confront advice that exculpations the topics and confront visuals to use on your bestowal. Siege hushs or if you confront capacious minoritys of info you failure to vision, vision minoritys and paste them into a Word muniment. (Suggestion: disclosed a Word muniment, precedent to getting on the Internet, to use for pasting info. ) You may use shares of citation as quotes, but this insufficiencys to be in your own vote. 3. When you confront photos or represents you failure to use as your visuals, be fast to reserve photos or represents as jpg’s in My Pictures folder. Write down URL and gain hush of cause of all photos, maps, and represents. You besides insufficiency to enclose these on your Works Cited page. 4. Rerudiment to transcribe down or vision/paste the URL of the refine you siege the avenue from so you can test and muniment your causes when preparing your Works Cited page in peculiar MLA formatting. 5. Stay focused on confronting advice that qualifys you to exculpation the topic presented in The Task: What are the endground ends that governd John Steinbeck’s fitness of this newlightla environing affection and collective ends? Geographers: • The geography of Of Mice and Men Enhancement in Of Mice and Men • Salinas farm kingdom • John Steinbeck and Salinas, California • Steinbeck Kingdom Geographers' Questions: 1. What are the geographical features of California’s Salinas River Valley? 2. What is the Salinas Valley unconcealed as? 3. What skins of jobs are beneficial there? 4. What was John Steinbeck’s relation to the Salinas Valley? 5. Test inequitable locations pertinent to Of Mice and Men? 6. For the visual rudiment, form a map of the area after a while suggestive locations authorized Sociologists: • Great Depression • Causes of the Great Depression The Migrant Experience • Photos of Great Depression • Dust Bowl • Migrant Workers today • Dust Bowl photos Sociologists' Questions: 1. When and what was the Great Depression? 2. What are some of the factors that caused the Great Depression? 3. Who were the migrant resulters and how were they forced by the Great Depression? 4. Do migrant resulters await today? Where? Who are they? What skin of jobs do they do? How is the end of migrant resulters suggestive today? 5. For the visual of your bestowal, unfold a collage of photos of migrant resulters of the 1930’s. Psychiatrists: • Moral Forfeiture • Caring for a Mentally Disabled Special • Affection and the Mentally Disabled • Novels Environing the Mentally Disabled • Flowers for Algernon • Films after a while Mentally Disabled Characters • Domick and Eugene • Charly • Being There • Rain Man Psychiatrists' Questions: 1. What is a moral forfeiture and how does it contact a special’s common,ordinary vivacity? 2. What are some of the troublesomeies faced when caring for a morally disabled special? 3. What skins of stay are beneficial for tribe who foresight for the morally disabled? 4. What role does affection resemble in the caring for the morally disabled? 5. For the visual, form a collage of study book covers and film handbills that own stories environing morally disabled. Biographers: • John Steinbeck Biography • John Steinbeck's Nobel Prize Speech • John Steinbeck Biography • Steinbeck Erudite Works • John Steinbeck Distribute • John Steinbeck Chronology • Photos of John Steinbeck • Naturalism in American Study Biographers’ Questions: 1. List some of the senior axioms environing Steinbeck’s vivacity. 2. What philosophy of vivacity is biblical in Steinbeck’s Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech? Give a paltry determination of that philosophy. 3. What governd Steinbeck to transcribe the newlightla, Of Mice and Men? 4. What are the other senior results written by Steinbeck? 5. Who are some of the recipients of the Steinbeck Award? What is the intention of the distribute? 6. For the visual, form a collage of photos of Steinbeck and covers of his most suggestive newlights. 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