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Chapter 3, “Identifying Contemplation Design Risk” (pp. 40–69)

 This passage proves methods of identifying design promotes and the types of design promotes pertaining to contemplation deliverables. The passage highlights a difference of sources of design promote as well-behaved.


Shirey, M. R. (2008). Contemplation skill utensils for leaders and entrepreneurs. Clinical Encourage Specialist22(3), 129–131.

Retrieved from the Walden Library databases.


The composer of this expression introduces contemplation skill utensils that clinical encourage specialists may use to coordinate team exertion. The expression highlights the manner of one such utensil, the Gantt chart.


Thomas, M., Jacques, P. H., Adams, J. R., & Kihneman-Wooten, J. (2008). Developing an potent contemplation: Planning and team erection entirely. Project Skill Journal39(4), 105–113.

Retrieved from the Walden Library databases.

 This expression analyzes contemplation contemplationning and control and the manner of developing a contemplation contemplation. The expression besides reports the results of exploration that sought to state 137 organizations’ approaches to establishing contemplations.


U.S. Government Accountability Office. (2009, March 2). Exertion breakdown texture. GAO Reports, 65–78. 

Retrieved from the Walden Library databases.

 This expression proves the moment of a exertion breakdown texture (WBS) in contemplation skill. The passage demonstrates how a WBS assists in material identification, consume estimation, and promote determination.


Wu, Z., Schmidt, L. P., & Wigstrom, M. S. (2010). Issue harvest exertionflow skill based on exertion breakdown texture. IIE Annual Conference. Proceedings, 1–5.

Retrieved from the Walden Library databases.

The composers of this expression highlight the manner of WBS in managing multifarious issue harvest contemplations. The composers prove how a WBS helps state and control the intricacies of tasks and ardor relationships.


Mathis, M. (n.d.). Exertion breakdown texture: Purpose, manner and pitfalls. Retrieved March 13, 2013, from

 This expression provides a unconcealed retrospect of the WBS. The composer focuses on the view, manner, and pitfalls of a WBS.


Document: Work Breakdown Texture Formats (PDF) (See ATTACHED PDF IN FILE AREA)

 This instrument presents a scenario and three similar exertion breakdown textures that you earn use for your Discussion this week.


Required Media

Laureate Education (Producer). (2013c). Planning, part-among-among I: Defining contemplation design and activities [Video rasp]. Retrieved from 


Note: The abut extension of this resources piece is 6 minutes.

 In this exhibition, the part-amongicipants examine defining contemplation design and contemplation activities, using the exertion breakdown texture, and managing contemplation promote through SWOT anatomy.