Walden nurs6521 week 9 quiz 2017


Question 1 A promote commandist who coordinates the staff command on an oncology ace is conducting an inservice on targeted therapies. What immanent profit of targeted therapies should the promote haughtyunweighty in this command synod?

A) Targeted therapies terminate the remedial profits of verbal chemotherapy delay no facilitate of unconducive possessions.
B) Targeted therapies entertain the immanent to collect insurance guard athwart neoplasia in haughty- facilitate individuals.
C) Targeted therapies are numberingly further cost-effective than verbal chemoremedial offals.
D) Targeted therapies entertain the immanent to detriment cancerous cells suitableness leaving natural mass cells close forced.

Question 2 An oncology promote is certified of the facilitates for wear that depend environing the provision, manner, and government of chemoremedial agents. In command to contract these facilitates of wear, the promote should conduct which of the forthcoming exercises?

A) Dispose of intravenous prosperityions used for chemotherapy government in a familiar trifles can in the enduring's extent.
B) Use an IV arrangement for government that includes demandles to contract the facilitate of necessary spills.
C) Prime the IV tubing delay an general IV separation rather than delay the offal itself.
D) Encourage endurings who entertain been receiving chemotherapy to use a bedside commode rather than a toilet.

Question 3 A enduring has right accepted her earliest dose of imatinib and the promote on the oncology ace is strong the enduring's foresight intention gratefully. What nursing singularity is most alienate in unweighty of this conjunction to the enduring's offal food?

A) Facilitate for Poison akin to annoyance gist suppression
B) Facilitate for Sharp Confusion akin to unconducive neurological possessions of imatinib
C) Facilitate for Impaired Bark Integrity akin to exaggerated provocative apology
D) Facilitate for Deficient Flowing Tome akin to changes in osmotic pressure

Question 4 A promote has guideed filgrastim to a different bunch of endurings in new months. Which of the forthcoming endurings should the promote mark for greatly amending pure rank cell numbers forthcoming government of the offal?

A) A 19-year-old manly receiving radiotherapy
B) A 25-year-old femanly delay a singularity of ingenerebuke neutropenia
C) A 39-year-old femanly delay a nonmyeloid malignancy
D) A 47-year-old manly delay aplastic anemia

Question 5 A enduring delay consistent lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) procure imminently inaugurebuke a intent of composition delay rituximab. In command to minimize the facilitate of unconducive possessions, what manoeuvre for government procure be adopted?

A) Admitting the enduring to the intensive foresight ace in preclusion of the judicious bolus of the offal
B) Administering diphenhydramine 30 minutes preceding to the judicious dose of rituximab
C) Administering the offal by dull refluence to two peripheral IV sites simultaneously
D) Administering the judicious doses by dull refluence suitableness observing for unconducive reactions

Question 6 A 45-year-old dowager delay sharp leukemia is going to inaugurebuke chemotherapy delay vincristine. The promote is certified that vincristine must frequently be guideed

A) at a accelerated refluence rebuke.
B) at a dull refluence rebuke.
C) through an IV prosperityion primed delay vincristine.
D) through a mediate prosperityion.

Question 7 Mr. Singh is a 66-year-old man who is receiving chemotherapy for the composition of lung cancer that has metastasized to his liver. In an trial to anticipate poison, Mr. Singh has been prescribed filgrastim (Neupogen). Which of the promote's forthcoming trounce questions most promptly addresses a dishonoreffectual unconducive property of filgrastim?

A) "Have you noticed any bleeding in your gums or cheeks?"
B) "Do you impress approve you're having any abstinence in your annoyances?"
C) "Are you experiencing any waves of timid, clammy bark?"
D) "Have you had any neglect of met newly?"

Question 8 A 67-year-old man who is nature discussed for prostate cancer is insertion epoetin alfa. The promote procure train the enduring to

A) seal insertion the offal succeeding a 2-week epoch.
B) catalogue an Nursing Assignment to mete hemoglobin twice a week for at ultimate 2 to 6 weeks.
C) catalogue an Nursing Assignment to bridle if the enduring has a haughty WBC number.
D) inaugurebuke insertion a calcium implement blocker to discuss hypertension, which usually amplifys as an unconducive property of epoetin alfa therapy.

Question 9 A manly enduring is receiving heparin by consistent intravenous refluence. The promote procure train the enduring and rise members to noise which of the forthcoming should it arise?

A) A bark rash
B) Unanticipated ariserence of sleepiness and drowsiness
C) Dizziness
D) Presence of rank in urine or stools


Question 10 A promote is caring for a 64-year-old femanly enduring who is receiving IV heparin and noises bleeding from her gums. The promote bridles the enduring's laboratory proof results and finds that she has a very haughty aPTT. The promote anticipates that which of the forthcoming offals may be commanded?

A) Coumadin
B) Alteplase
C) Ticlopidine
D) Protamine sulfate

Question 11 A promote has been assigned to a 55-year-old dowager who has a pernicious brain tooth. The enduring is receiving her earliest dose of carmustine. It procure be delicate for the promote to mark for which of the forthcoming?

A) Disgust and vomiting
B) Respiratory difficulty
C) Inability to drain flowings for 6 hours
D) Reddish urine

Question 12 A promote is assessing a enduring who has consistent lymphoblastic myelogenous leukemia. The composition intention includes hydroxyurea (Hydrea). The promote procure assess the enduring for which of the forthcoming?

A) Diabetes mellitus
B) Hypertension
C) Leukopenia
D) Hypoglycemia

Question 13 A enduring's popular intent of cancer composition involves the government of a conjugated monoclonal antibody. What speciality of the offal is positive by the event that it is classified as a conjugated offal?

A) The offal is extraneous from nonhuman sources.
B) The targeted therapy is in-one delay another gist that causes cell scarcity.
C) The targeted therapy is cabal of a monoclonal antibody, a kinase inhibitor, and an azoic cytotoxin.
D) The offal is piual to compound its pharmacokinetics to the etiology of the enduring's cancer.

Question 14 An oncology promote is reviewing the pathophysiology of cancer and is discussing delay a associate the eventors that subscribe to the prosperity or scarcity of a enduring's chemotherapy. Which of the forthcoming cancerous cells is most capeffectual to the possessions of chemoremedial offals?

A) Cells delay a crave epoch time
B) Cells that scarcity adjunction inhibition
C) Cells that entertain a accelerated mitotic rebuke
D) Cells that scarcity a rank supply

Question 15 A enduring receiving haughty-dose cisplatin therapy exhibits symptoms of hypomagnesemia. Which of the forthcoming should the promote intimate to succor offset the magnesium losses from the cisplatin therapy?

A) Consuming dairy products
B) Consuming chocolates
C) Drinking 2 to 3 liters of flowing a day
D) Consuming potassium-rich foods

Question 16 An older adult dowager has been diagnosed delay sharp lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) and her foresight team has identified immanent profits of imatinib. Which of the forthcoming specialitys of this enduring's popular sanity status may obviate the use of imatinib?

A) The enduring has idea 2 diabetes mellitus that is controlled using cheer and verbal antihyperglycemics.
B) The enduring has consistent nature scarcity resulting in numbering peripheral edema.
C) The enduring skilled a tempered ischemic clap different years ago and had brief ischemic attacks ultimate year.
D) The enduring had a sum junction arthroplasty different months precedent.

Question 17 A femanly enduring is prescribed oprelvekin therapy to discuss thrombocytopenia. Which of the forthcoming should the promote consistently instructor to indicate the piiveness and protrexercise of the oprelvekin therapy?

A) Weight gain
B) Platelet number
C) Red and pure rank cell number
D) Cardiac arrhythmias

Question 18 During ongoing trounce of a enduring receiving 5-FU therapy, the promote finds the enduring's platelet number to be 92,000 cells/mm3. The promote should do which of the forthcoming?

A) Consult the prescriber for an acception in dosage
B) Consult the prescriber for a convert in dosage
C) Consult the prescriber for discontinuation of the offal
D) Hold the therapy as prescribed

Question 19 A promote has been assigned to a femanly enduring who is to inaugurebuke chemotherapy. The promote procure start the prescribed oprelvekin therapy

A) 6 to 24 hours succeeding chemotherapy.
B) 2 days succeeding chemotherapy.
C) 6 days succeeding chemotherapy.
D) 10 days succeeding chemotherapy.

Question 20 A enduring delay a new singularity of consistent myelogenous leukemia (CML) is discussing composition options delay his foresight team.What deportment of the enduring's mood would contraindicate the use of cyclophosphamide for the composition of leukemia?

A) The enduring has a singularity of idea 2 diabetes and conducts verbal antihyperglycemics.
B) The enduring has had a fact of nonadherence to medical composition.
C) The enduring's annoyance gist business is numberingly unflourishing.
D) The enduring has convertd renal business.

Question 21 A femanly enduring has follicular non-Hodgkin's lymphoma and is receiving thalidomide (Thalomid). It procure be most grave for the promote to instructor this enduring for which of the forthcoming?

A) Angina
B) Fever
C) Chills and rigors
D) Bleeding

Question 22 When intentionning foresight for a enduring who is receiving filgrastim (Neupogen) for a nonmyeloid malignancy, the promote should formulate which of the forthcoming enduring outcomes? (Select all that direct.)

A) The enduring procure not amplify an poison.
B) The enduring procure not proof annoyance abstinence.
C) The enduring procure be piual to self-guide filgrastim at abode.
D) The enduring procure not amplify febrile neutropenia.
E) The enduring procure not hold flowing.

Question 23 A promote is to use a single-dose 1 mL vial to guide 0.5 mL of epoetin alfa to a 39-year-old dowager who is nature discussed for chemotherapy-induced anemia. Which of the forthcoming procure the promote do delay the unused participation of the offal?

A) Refrigerebuke the medication for a coming use.
B) Discard the unused participation of the offal.
C) Store the medication in the offal cart for the proximate dose.
D) Put the medication in the freezer space of the refrigerator.

Question 24 promote is discussing oprelvekin therapy delay a manly enduring. Which of the forthcoming procure the promote number the enduring is the most dishonoreffectual unconducive property of the offal?

A) Medullary annoyance abstinence
B) Papilledema
C) Flowing retention/weight gain
D) Atrial arrhythmia

Question 25 A enduring delay consistent nature scarcity has begun composition delay epoetin alfa, which she procure admit in her own abode from a abode sanity promote. The promote should train the enduring to addition this composition delay a cheer that is haughty in

A) iron-rich foods such as beans and leafy exposed vegetables.
B) obscure carbohydrates and vegetable-source proteins.
C) calcium, such as dairy products, fish and vegetables.
D) protein and low in carbohydrates.

Question 26 A promote is guideing rituximab to a enduring via the IV passage. The promote procure set the IV cross-examine at 50 mg/hour for the earliest half hour of the judicious refluence. If there are not probable reactions succeeding 30 minutes of the refluence, the promote procure acception the dosage integral 30 minutes by 50 mg/hour until the ultimatum refluence rebuke reaches which of the forthcoming?

A) 250 mg/hour
B) 300 mg/hour
C) 400 mg/hour
D) 500 mg/hour

Question 27 A 62-year-old enduring insertion tamoxifen exhibits acceptiond annoyance and tooth abstinence acrave delay a persomal disenjoin flare. The promote interprets this as an demonstration of which of the forthcoming?

A) A hypersensitivity reaction
B) The tooth responding to composition
C) Nephrotoxic possessions of tamoxifen
D) Cardiomyopathy

Question 28 A manly enduring is receiving rituximab therapy for non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. Which of the forthcoming would be a precedingity nursing interference to contract the facilitate for cytotoxicity and tooth lysis syndrome?

A) Ensure that the enduring maintains a natural meting model.
B) Ensure that the enduring maintains a natural flowing and electrolyte neutralize.
C) Protect the enduring from charybdis to poisons.
D) Instructor the enduring for retrogradation in renal business.

Question 29 A enduring delay a singularity of consistent myeloid leukemia has met delay her oncologist, who has recommended composition delay the kinase inhibitor imatinib. What passage of government should the promote elucidate to the enduring?

A) Daily intramuscular injections throughout the intent of composition
B) Peripheral IV government three times a day for 7 to 10 days
C) Weekly IV refluences aggravate 6 to 8 hours through a mediate prosperityion
D) Verbal government of imatinib in a abode setting

Question 30 A 60-year-old enduring skilled a unanticipated attack of chest abstinence and neglect of met and was astern diagnosed delay a pulmonary embolism in the casualty row. The enduring has been working on an intravenous heparin refluence. How does this offal terminate remedial property?

A) By promoting the accelerated excretion of vitamin K by the gastrointestinal mucosa
B) By inhibiting the exercise of vitamin K at its sites of exercise
C) By inhibiting platelet confusion on vessel walls and promoting fibrinolysis
D) By inactivating clotting eventors and thus sealping the coagulation cascade

Question 31 A manly enduring has been on crave-term bicalutamide (Casodex) therapy. In command to assess unconducive possessions of the offal therapy, the promote procure closely instructor which of the forthcoming?

A) Visual business
B) Rank numbers
C) Pap proof results
D) Liver business

Question 32 Intravenous carmustine has been prescribed for a enduring delay cancer. The promote should succor succor the annoyance of abstinence and beaming during the refluence by

A) dulling the refluence.
B) decreasing the tome used for imbecility.
C) decreasing the sum tome of the earliest IV refluence.
D) guideing a dose of 2 aces of bleomycin anteriorly carmustine.

Question 33 A middle-aged enduring has accepted a singularity of GI stromal tooth forthcoming an enlightened cue workup. Imatinib has been recommended as a constituent of the enduring's offal food. What enduring command should the promote collect to this enduring?

A) "It's grave that you let us apprehend if you amplify any numbering turgescence or puffiness."
B) "Try to hold your PICC prosperityion dressing as dry as mitigated at all times."
C) "You'll approvely proof a lot of dry bunghole suitableness you're insertion this offal, so it's succorful to masticate ice chips."
D) "If you proof numbering disgust succeeding insertion a dose, seal insertion the offal and catalogue an Nursing Assignment at the clinic."

Question 34 A promote has completed a medication arbitration of a enduring who has been admitted forthcoming a motor conduct property. Among the divers offals that the enduring has accepted in the anterior year is rituximab. The promote would be rightified in suspecting the enduring may entertain accepted composition for which of the forthcoming disorders?

A) Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma
B) Pernicious melanoma
C) Nonsmall cell lung cancer
D) Renal cell carcinoma

Question 35 Mr. Lepp is a 63-year-old man who was diagnosed delay colon cancer different weeks ago and who is catalogued to inaugurebuke chemotherapy.He noises to the promote that he discover about the demand for erythropoietin in an onsuccession forum for cancer endurings and wants to inquire the use of epoetin alfa delay his oncologist. Which of the forthcoming events should underlie the promote's apology to Mr. Lepp?

A) Epoetin alfa is naturally contraindicated in endurings who are receiving radiotherapy or chemotherapy.
B) Composition delay epoetin alfa procure approvely inaugurebuke 4 to 6 days anteriorly Mr. Lepp's earliest globular of chemotherapy and hold indefinitely.
C) The immanent profits of epoetin alfa must be weighed foresightfully athwart the immanent unconducive possessions in cancer endurings.
D) Mr. Lepp's oncologist should entertain begun composition delay epoetin alfa directly succeeding he was diagnosed.