Walden nurs6521 week 8 quiz 2017


Question 1 A 15-year-old boy is substance cautionfully mentored for a peel poison and is substance loving ciprofloxacin. The entertain get note for which of the behindcited?

A) Arthropathy
B) Colitis
C) Hepatitis
D) Hypotension

Question 2 A enduring has been admitted to the discriminating caution individual of the hospital delay bacterial septicemia that has failed to reply to modescold antibiotic matter. The enduring's most new respect cultivations discork the nearness of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) in the enduring's respect. The entertain get expect that this enduring get mitigated exact intravenous administration of what antibiotic?

A) Vancomycin
B) Penicillin G
C) Cefazolin
D) Doripenem (Doribax)

Question 3 Mr. Laird is a 49-year-old electrician who familiar dubious burns on his stock, arms, and hands in a toilplace surroundings 2 weeks ago. Part of his prevalent mortify caution sustenance involves the daily collision of silver sulfadiazine to his mortifys.The entertains who are providing caution for Mr. Laird in the burns and plastics individual of the hospital should fulfil what force when transfering this medication?

A) Apply a flake of silver sulfadiazine that is sufficiently confused to construct the mortify bed atomic.
B) Cleanse the mortify of sweepings antecedent to applying the silver sulfadiazine
C) Apply a lean flake of the garbage to Mr. Laird's mortify beds using upstraight technique.
D) Fulfil drastic mortify caution directly behind the collision of silver sulfadiazine

Question 4 A enduring is prescribed ganciclovir to negotiate a CMV poison. An unwritten dosage is prescribed. To succor extension bioavailability of the garbage, the entertain get help the enduring to captivate the medication

A) delay elevated-fat frugalitys
B) delay orange-flame-flame juice
C) on an leiassured stomach
D) delay elevated-protein frugalitys

Question 5 A enduring has endocarditis and is preface gentamicin. The entertain get be assured to mentor which of the behindcited?

A) Potassium level
B) Creatinine clearance
C) Serum albumin level
D) Prothrombin time

Question 6 A 30-year-old mother who is in the elevatedest trimester of pregnancy has presented to her essential caution yieldr delay a 4-day truth of a reddened, itchy left eye that is crusted delay festering exudate. The clinician suspects a bacterial, rather than viral, etiology. How get the enduring's pregnancy influence the implicit use of ciprofloxacin to negotiate her conjunctivitis?

A) Ciprofloxacin is secured to use in pregnancy and the enduring may use to selfselfsame dose and march as a nonpregnant enduring
B) The use of ciprofloxacin is contraindicated in pregnancy
C) It is secured for the enduring to use persomal ciprofloxacin but the unwritten march is implicit teratogenic
D) The enduring get exact a inferior dose and longer succession of ciprofloxacin than a nonpregnant, adult enduring

Question 7 A entertain has scrutinyed why a enduring's physician has prescribed a narrow-spectrum antibiotic rather than a broad-spectrum garbage in the matter of a enduring's poison. Which of the behindcited facts yields the best rationale for the use of narrow-spectrum antibiotics whenever feasible?

A) Broad-spectrum antibiotics mystify the terminations of posterior cultivation and sensitivity examinationing.
B) Narrow-spectrum antibiotics ordinaryly exact a shorter continuance of matter
C) The efficiency of most narrow-spectrum antibiotics has not been proven
D) The use of broad-spectrum antibiotics can originate a facilitate for a superinfection

Question 8 A 72-year-old enduring is prescribed ophthalmic ciprofloxacin for a bacterial poison in her straight eye. The entertain get train her to note for which of the behindcited irrelevant issues of the garbage?

A) Lid room crusting and pruritus
B) Cognitive changes
C) Nephrotoxicity and neurotoxicity
D) Tendon ruptures

Question 9 A enduring has been prescribed unwritten tetracycline.The entertain get train the enduring to captivate the garbage

A) on an leiassured stomach 1 hour precedently or 2 hours behind preface any frugalitys or other garbages.
B) delay a frugality.
C) delay subparty or reward juice.
D) at bedtime singly.

Question 10 A 20-year-old effeminate enduring is receiving persomal clindamycin for acne vulgaris. She develops a incautious and urticaria concurrently delay dubious hankering where the medication is applied. The entertain get constructulate which of the behindcited nursing diagnoses for the enduring?

A) Diarrhea
B) Facilitate for Injury akin to allergic reactions
C) Imbalanced Nutrition: Less than Whole Requirements
D) Facilitate of Injury akin to respect dyscrasia

garbage therapy, including INH and rifampin. A antecedentity duty by the entertain get be to mentor which alliance of laboratory examination terminations?

A) Serum alanine transaminase, aspartate transaminase, and bilirubin
B) Red respect compute, snowy respect compute, and differential
C) Thyroid-stimulating hormone, thyroxine, and triiodothyronine levels
D) Fasting respect sugar and 2-hour postprandial respect sugar

Question 12 An immunocompromised cancer enduring has familiar cryptococcal meningitis and been admitted to the intensive caution individual for matter delay amphotericin B. How should the entertain most securedly transfer this garbage?

A) Hang the garbage by piggyback delay lactated Ringer's and insinuate aggravate various hours to minimize the facilitate of reading reaction
B) Insinuate the garbage aggravate 2 to 4 hours into a mediate row using an reading pump
C) Flush the enduring's mediate row delay ordinary sarow and insinuate the amphotericin B by intravenous drive aggravate 5 to 7 minutes.
D) Place the enduring on a steady reading of amphotericin B at a scold attached by the enduring's whole burden.

Question 13 A entertain is conscious that the concept of broad toxicity is foundational to antimicrobial therapy. Which of the behindcited statements most correspondently describes broad toxicity?

A) A garbage harms microbes delayout harming civilized cells
B) A garbage's issue on microorganisms is smooth to dose
C) Most microbes may be unmoved from a enumerate and cultivationd on an opinion medium
D) A garbage can be sincere and performed in a controlled style in a laboratory contrast

Question 14 An immunocompromised enduring in a discriminating caution contrast has familiar a respiratory poison that has been attributed to methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). The entertain should expect that the enduring get exact matter delay

A) ciprofloxacin
B) clindamycin
C) vancomycin
D) an antistaphylococcic penicillin

Question 15 Laboratory examinationing has familiar that a enduring has chloroquine-resistant emanation and the enduring's physician has prescribed quinine concurrently delay an additive garbage. The entertain should scrutiny the physician's adjust if the enduring has a truth of

A) osteoporosis or low nuisance density
B) constant counterfree pulmonary complaint (COPD)
C) diabetes mellitus
D) cardiac arrhythmias

Question 16 A 46-year-old man is receiving a quinupristin/dalfopristin IV reading for a life-threatening poison. Which of the behindcited would be most essential for the entertain to mentor?

A) Increased nucleus scold
B) Breathlessness
C) Infiltration, edema, or phlebitis at the reading residence
D) Nausea and vomiting

Question 17 A enduring delay AIDS has familiar a enumerate of induced poisons in new weeks, including Kaposi's sarcoma. As a termination of this most new peculiarity, his caution team has opted to arise matter delay interferon alfa-2a. The entertain is conscious that this garbage get harangue the etiology of Kaposi sarcoma by

A) inhibiting tooth product by enhancing inflammation
B) potentiating the issues of phagocytes and macrophages
C) causing mutations in the DNA of cancerous cells
D) increasing the product of B cells and T cells

Question 18 Sulconazole has been prescribed for a enduring delay tinea pedis. The entertain get train the enduring to use the persomal agent

A) uninterruptedly a day
B) twice a day
C) three times a day
D) as scarcityed

Question 19 Which of the behindcited is discriminating to succoring forefend product of resistant strains of microbes in endurings?

A) Limit the expoassured of bacteria to an antimicrobial agent
B) Keep the antimicrobial garbage dosage elevated
C) Maintain the optimum continuance of the antimicrobial agent
D) Maintain the completion secured abundance of antimicrobial garbage ingestion

Question 20 Which of the behindcited nursing forces is most essential in achieving lucky antimicrobial therapy delay vancomycin?

A) Yield completion material self-approval to the enduring
B) Mentor serum garbage level
C) Taper down the garbage dosage gradually
D) Promote diffuse incaptivate of softs and nutrients

Question 21 A enduring is substance negotiateed for Mycoplasma pneumoniae pneumonia. She is allergic to penicillin and is substance loving azithromycin (Zithromax) in capsule construct. The entertain get inconstruct the enduring that she get scarcity to captivate the capsule

A) delay prop
B) on an leiassured stomach
C) delay or delayout prop
D) directly behind she eats

Question 22 A enduring is preface rifampin (Rifadin) for free TB. When discussing this garbage delay the enduring, the entertain should strain that

A) the garbage usually causes cardiac arrhythmias
B) the garbage regularly causes plunder activity
C) facial flushing may answer but get go detached uninterruptedly therapy is concluded
D) whole softs such as urine, saliva, mourning, and sputum may grace discolored

Question 23 A entertain is explaining the use of acyclovir therapy to a 72-year-old man. Nephrotoxicity is discussed as a considerable irrelevant issue in older endurings. To minimize the facilitate of the enduring developing this irrelevant issue, the entertain get indoctrinate him to

A) captivate the tablets on an leiassured stomach
B) subparty the garbage dosage if modescold symptoms of nephrotoxicity answer
C) remain courteous hydrated by drinking at last view 8-oz glasses of instil daily
D) eat digestible frugalitys perfect day

Question 24 A 9-year-old boy was bought to his essential caution yieldr by his dowager delay signs and symptoms of hookworm poison and get be sent settlement delay a recipe for mebendazole. When supposing enduring and nativity direction, the entertain should train the dowager delay which of the behindcited measures to quit repoison behindcited matter?

A) The signification of operative hygiene for the boy and the other members of the nativity
B) The scarcity for the boy to yield serial stool samples for 6 months behindcited matter
C) The scarcity to addition the anthelminthic garbage delay prophylactic antibiotics
D) The scarcity to use recipe peel uprightsers during matter and for 6 weeks behind

Question 25 A entertain is caring for a enduring who is on amphotericin B. On early rounds the enduring reports faintness, hebetude, and a tingling perception in his feet. What would be a antecedentity force by the entertain?

A) Help the enduring to extension soft intake
B) Use cork aseptic technique for garbage administration
C) Keep the bed in a low position and the party rails up at all times
D) Refer the garbage dosage

Question 26 A entertain is providing direction to a enduring who is preface INH. The entertain get indoctrinate the enduring to quit which of the behindcited props?

A) Cheese, dairy products, and bananas
B) Potatoes and parent vegetables
C) Citrus rewards
D) Chicken and fish

Question 27 A slip is preface permethrin for acme lice. The entertain get train her dowager to

A) absterge her hair daily delay a good-tempered-natured-natured shampoo
B) extension her daily incaptivate of subside
C) maximize the slip's soft intake
D) seal using creams, ointments, and oils on the slip's peel and scalp.

Question 28 A enduring is receiving cefazolin in alliance delay anticoagulants. To minimize the irrelevant issues during therapy, the entertain get

A) mentor the residence of injection
B) mentor the enduring for bleeding gums
C) remain therapy until 2 days behind symptoms enjoy resolved
D) transfer the medication delay trivial amounts of prop and softs

Question 29 Which of the behindcited would a entertain assess for in a enduring who is preface polymyxin B systemically?

A) Peripheral neuropathy
B) Nephrotoxicity and hepatotoxicity
C) Hyperkalemia and hyponatremia
D) Endocarditis and hypertension

Question 30 A 30-year-old African-American mother examinationed enacted for TB and is prescribed isoniazid. The entertain get contemplation the enduring's caution to comprise cork mentoring of the garbage therapy because

A) the order of garbage elimination get be faster in this enduring
B) the hygienic issue of the garbage may be too tardy to be issueive
C) the enduring is at main facilitate for elevated serum levels of the garbage
D) the order of garbage metabolism may be faster in this enduring

Question 31 A enduring is receiving long-term clindamycin therapy for a life-threatening poison. The entertain get arise by mentoring this garbage therapy by obtaining

A) respect glucose levels daily for 1 week
B) establishing the enduring's hearers abilities
C) a baserow entire respect compute
D) liver enzymes weekly until the garbage therapy is entired

Question 32 A 45-year-old effeminate enduring is prescribed ciprofloxacin to negotiate a bronchial poison. A nursing duty discloseed that she instituted preface daily vitamin additions encircling 2 years ago. To maximize the hygienic issues of the ciprofloxacin therapy, the entertain should indoctrinate the enduring to

A) captivate the vitamins at last 2 hours precedently or behind preface ciprofloxacin
B) alternate the dosage of ciprofloxacin and vitamin additions
C) refer the dosage of vitamin additions
D) refer the dosage of vitamin additions and embrace the dosage of ciprofloxacin

Question 33 A 7-year-old slip has tonsillitis and is prescribed penicillin V, which is to be transfered at settlement. The entertain get train the parents to transfer the garbage

A) delay a sip of instil 1 hour precedently frugalitytime
B) directly precedently or delay a frugality
C) delay a glass of instil 1 hour precedently or 2 hours behind a frugality
D) intravenously delay the support of a settlement soundness entertain

Question 34 A 15-year-old enduring has meningitis caused by Haemophilus influenzae. She is substance negotiateed delay chloramphenicol. The most essential nursing force for this enduring would be to mentor

A) respect sugar levels daily
B) liver enzymes monthly
C) plasma concentrations regularly
D) urine output daily

Question 35 A 49-year-old yeoman who ordinaryly enjoys good-tempered-natured-natured soundness has grace seriously ill in new days and the terminations of an ample indication toil up enjoy terminationed in a peculiarity of histoplasmosis. The enduring has been admitted to the hospital and has begun matter delay amphotericin B. The entertain who is providing caution for the enduring should antecedentitize which of the behindcited indication terminations during his succession of matter?

A) Electrolytes, respect urea nitrogen, and creatinine
B) Hemoglobin, hematocrit, and red respect cells
C) PT, PTT, and platelets
D) C-refree protein