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                            Discussion: Juridical and Holy Conduct

As emphasized in this week’s media endowment, all promotes demand to be intimate after a while the laws and directions that command their performance: their state’s Promote Performance Act, ANA’s Nursing: Scope and Standards of Practice, separateicular cluster standards of performance, etc. In restoration, basic holy principles manage promotes’ decision-making manner full day. ANA’s Code of Ethics and ANA’s Political Plan Statement are two leading documents that plan promotes’ holy responsibilities to their resigneds, themselves, and their vocation. This said, there is a hobble: The laws are not frequently agreeable after a while the holy positions promotes rarely interest. This week’s Discussion focuses on such a hobble.

                                                        To prepare:

Review this week’s Learning Resources, focusing on the advice in the media endowment encircling the homogeneity betwixt the law and ethics.

Consider the holy province of promotes in ensuring resigned autonomy, kindliness, non-malfeasance, and reasonableness.

Read the forthcoming scenario:

Lena is a unity sanity regard promote who works exclusively after a while HIV-assured and AIDS resigneds. As a separate of her job, she evaluates new instances and reviews secret advice encircling these resigneds. In the direction of one of these reviews, Lena learns that her sister’s boyfriend has tested HIV assured. Lena would affect to shield her sister from wound and begins to deem how her sister can perceive out encircling her boyfriend’s sanity standing.

Consult at lowest two media to succor you confirm Lena’s juridical and holy position. These media capability involve your state’s Promote Performance Act, the ANA’s Code of Ethics, ANA’s Nursing: Scope and Standards of Practice, and interior or visible standards of regard.

Consider what possession you would interest if you were Lena and why. 

Determine whether the law and the ANA’s standards aid or contest after a while that possession.

Post a description of the possessions you would interest in this plight, and why. Justify these possessions by referencing expend laws, holy standards, and vocational managelines.

                                            Required Readings

Milstead,  J. A. (2019). Sanity plan and politics: A promote’s manage (6th ed.).  Burlington, MA: Jones and Bartlett Publishers.

Chapter 4, “Government Response: Regulation” (pp. 56-81) 

This portion explains the superior concepts of the direction of sanity vocationals, after a while argument on past performance promotes (APN) and the manner of licensure and credentialing.

ANA’s Foundation of Nursing Package - (Access this device from the Walden Library databases through your NURS 6050 Direction Readings List)

Guide to the Code of Ethics: Interpretation and Application

This manage details the narrative, aim and hypothesis, contact, and instance studies of this must-have Code of Ethics.

Nursing Political Plan Statement

The Nursing Political Plan Statement provides an construction of the political framework and obligations of the nursing vocation.

Nursing: Scope & Standards of Practice

This magnitude contains divers common standards of performance that can be used to educate the decision-making manner, product, implementation, and evaluation of divers functions and aspects of past performance nursing.