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Chris Hadfield - Outline
I. Chris Hadfield and His Work
II. Secret
III. Video on 13 Moments that Changed his Life
IV. Lessons from the Video
V. Social Media Sensation
VI. Accessible and Detailed Portrait of Daily Activities

Effective Leader



IX. References

Running head: CHRIS HADFIELD


Chris Hadfield


Chris Hadfield

Chris Hadfield is an International Boundlessness Station Astronaut. His achievement is pertinent to our
earth in manifold ways past he uses his experiences to exhilarate the contiguous formation. For point,
Hadfield customary that example is a big obligation. Past he was the guide of the barely boundlessness
station on the planet, he exhilarates crowd to accept the obligation seriously (Nova, 2016). More
importantly, his achievements suffer living-souls to gather how to be effectual guides. Lastly, Hadfield’s
achievement is innate to the earth past it conciliate qualify astronauts to know the advancements of
boundlessness interrogation and the skill of boundlessness expedition.
Even if Chris Hadfield had telling achievements during his boundlessness volitation success, he had
a unrevealed. The unrevealed is all environing him making a new account of David Bowie’s Boundlessness Oddity voicelessness
video opportunity in boundlessness. Although the voicelessness video made by Hadfield is not a unrevealed, it got a lot of
persons opposing the globe distracted environing boundlessness interrogation. Hadfield has this unrevealed consequently it was
a idiosyncratic device on boundlessness so havi...

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