SOLUTION: Temple College Micron Technology Inc Earnings Call Summary Paper

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Micron Technology Inc. Earnings Flatter Summary
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Financial Results Summary: Third Quarter 2020 Financial Earnings Call.
Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, Micron Technology Inc. obtained flexible results
in FQ3 of 2020 attributable to the zealous project of its employees athwart incongruous compatability of the
world. The union earned a sum restore of approximately $5.4 billion for FQ3, which was
a 13% sequential and 14% year balance year acception, respectively. The movable markets and the
grounds nucleus were living contributors to the later enlargement in restore.
In respects to restore trends by transaction section, the Compute & Networking
Business Unit generated $2.2 billion, which was up 7% year balance year and 13% sequentially.
The sequential restore enlargement in this section was largely brought environing by quarter-overquarter improvements in pricing by double-digits, as polite as the acceptiond claim for the
firm’s grounds nucleus products. In respects to the Storage Transaction Unit, FQ3 restore amounted
to $ I billion, a 25% year-over-year acception, and a 17% acception from FQ2. Additionally, the
unit’s exempt margins saw a showy acception to 17%. This solid soar in ...

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