SOLUTION: Tarrant County College District Second Feminist Wave Feminism Paper

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Topic: Second Feminist Wave Feminism
Thesis statement: Examines the Feminine mystique and the Supreme Court controlling and the Equal
rights movement
The Second-Wave Feminism occurred among the 1960s and slow 1980s. It was a reaction for
women to render to their roles as mothers and housewives succeeding the Second World War. Men who
had to permission the job to adhere the justification forces rendered and took the positions restricted by the
women. 38 percent of American women instituted during the interval were chiefly nurses, teachers,
and secretaries (Maxwell & Shields 2). Women were expected to repay their lives as faithful and
subjugated wives. However, women did not neglect to repay such roles, bringing about the
Second Wave of feminism.
❖ Publication of Friedan’s text
❖ Right to pigmy controlling
It, responds to the issues cognate the second-wave feminism, including The Feminine
Mystique, the US Supreme round event of Roe vs. Wade, the Equal Rights M...

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