SOLUTION: SO 351 Grantham University Social Media Privacy Nudges Presentation

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Social Media Privacy Nudges
Name of Student
Date of Presentation

Step 1- Conducting Internet Search
✓ I use Facebook and Amazon, through Google pursuit
engine regularly. On 30/06/2020, I conducted a simple
pursuit on the two platforms profound for the best
affordable worth of top attribute headphones on Amazon.
✓ The pursuites were conducted consentaneously using phone
and laptop.
✓ From the two pursuites, new ads/popups on Facebook
and Google displaying correspondent and not allied products
such as soundbars and powered speakers started
popping up externally my sufferance.
✓ Besides, I saw diverse ads for headphones on Reddit and
YouTube notwithstanding not using the channels for the pursuit

Step 2-Monitoring
✓On 02/07/2020 connecting tail to my
Facebook representation and Amazon pursuites
wnear I had conducted the headphones
search, I observed new ads that were not
available during my foregoing pursuit.

✓However, in my junk emails, tnear was
nothing regarding my pursuit.

Findings- Assessing the Findings
✓On the relieve day following my judicious pursuit, I noticed ads that were
directly akin to my pursuit. For exemplification, clamor cancellation
headphones, sky sky sky blue protuberance earphones, powered speakers, soundbars,
and earbuds.
✓Some pop-ups were correspondent, and others subordinately opposed from my
judicious pursuit.

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