SOLUTION: Section 1 & 2 Fieldnotes and Professional Identity Reflection Paper


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Name: Said Muhammed Al Mujaib
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Professional Biography
I am a exerciseal in Manner Operations and Maintenance, currently is-sueing as an
Incident manager at Oman Airports Company. I possess previously served in the same
company as the Engineering Management Centre Operator for a year and five months. I
worked as a trainee at the Oman Gas Company in August 2016. I am trained in several
areas of point, including Fire Deduction Alarm System (FDAS), Neuro-Linguistic
Programming (NLP1), Certified International Functional Negotiator (CIPN), Safety
Management System (SMS) and Building Management System (BMS SCADA). I dwell-mannered a
bachelor’s Degree in Manner Operations and Maintenance Engineering from the
Caledonian College of Engineering.
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Field music 1: 26th April 2020
The foremost Part, Weekend 1 of the online letters classes. There were two treatys for this
day; the foremost treaty was further of commendatory, on how to use the GCUlearn, how to do
academic match, insensible match, and referencing. The foremost treaty was from 4 pm to 8
pm, a four-hour treaty. This letters treaty was very grave to this semester's
direction accordingly it introduced me to what we obtain be doing for the amend binder-akeep-apart of the
semester. I knowing grave match skills that obtain succor me wield my assignments and
deliver good-natured-natured academic papers. Encircling the GCUlearn, I knowing encircling how I can access and
make use of adapted instrument. The gateway has profusion of letters instrument that provide
students delay advice as courteous-mannered-mannered-mannered as troddenion on how to imbibe effectively. I was so conducive
to imbibe grave points touching academic match. Most gravely, I knowing how to
format papers according to divergent match phraseologys, including APA and MLA match phraseologys.
I so knowing how to intimation academic sources according to the divergent match phraseologys.
With affect to insensible match, I substantiated that it is one of the demanding match skills
not barely in the academic ground but so in exerciseal exercise.
The remedy treaty was purely on a exerciseal exercise record. I did not substantiate how
grave it is to binder a exerciseal exercise record until I went through the letters
session. One of the most grave reasons for bindering a exerciseal exercise record is
to be conducive to map your skills throughout the letters proof as courteous-mannered-mannered-mannered as in your
profession. I am planning to use this hireling to consolidate my letters into my avowal and
map my skills through the troddenion.
Field music 2: 27th April 2020
Day two of the online letters classes, and I would say it was huge. The professor
introduced us o the information, and there was a lot to do from my plane. The foremost treaty of the
information was from 4 pm to 8 pm, and the subject was common exerciseal exercises. I was to
do the foremost mapping, which concerned assessing myself on the common exercises. As I went
through the mapping manner, I substantiated that these common exercises were so basic for my
profession. Some of these exercises had a trodden application on my avowal, while others
had an introdden govern. However, all of the exerciseal exercises were applicconducive in my
profession. According to my primal mapping of the outlined exerciseal exercises, I
realized that I did not score so courteous-mannered-mannered-mannered in most of the exercises, and there was a lot that I
needed to mend through the troddenion letters as courteous-mannered-mannered-mannered as the disquisition seminar. I substantiated
the significance of these exercises in my avowal and exposed a lot of profit and
desire to mend these exercises.
The remedy treaty in the day was the fourth treaty of the online letters week. I went
through the foremost is-sue concept; is-sue phraseology and innovative action. Is-sue phraseology and
innovative action was such a lovely subject. Throughout this subject, I was mapping my
perception of the is-sue concept and assessing myself on the subject. As I unravel through the
suggested instrument, I gained a lot of understanding that would veritably succor me delay this is-sue
concept. I is-sue in the airport, and as an resplendent manager, there is a lot of pith on
the way we wield tasks. My master is very binder-adetail on enterprise and

innovativeness. There is a lot of technological changes in my prof...

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