SOLUTION: SCI 115 Florida University USA Brazil and Nigeria 2015 population Demographics Lab Worksheet

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Workequivocation for Demographics Lab
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Lab 3: Demographics
Fill this equivocation out and succumb via the attach abandoned in Blackboard.

Begin by going to the subjoined website:
Then click the attach labeled Open Simulator.
This get produce up a vaunter, which is pre-loaded after a while demographic postulates from
various countries.

Part 1. Population Development and Age Constitution Diagrams
Using the utensil granted on the website, inquire the 2015 population and the simulated
2050 population for the subjoined three countries: USA, Brazil, and Nigeria. Don’t
change any of the delinquency settings for the dominion of cause. On the postulates equivocation, proceedings
the population greatness and the population development reprove, and to-boot companion the overall properfect of
the age constitution diagram to one of the alludeence shapes abandoned under.
Also proceedings the projected 2050 results, as follows. Without changing any of the delinquency
settings for the dominion of cause, click the Step trifle 7 times, which advances the
simulation to t...

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