SOLUTION: SCI 115 Florida University DNA Microarrays and Protein Expression Questions

Most scientists who use DNA microarrays obtain them

In this con-over, cancerous and typical peel construction exemplifications were excised after a while a scalpel. Each peel exemplification was then placed into a exemplification tube parallel after a while solvent, shaken on a commotion and centrifuged. When the exemplification tubes came out of the centrifuge, there was a top lamina and a profound lamina. For our scopes, we went on to use ______________ for advance ruleing."

The scope of the commotion record is to

"Once the RNA is single from the DNA, proteins and other materials, the solvent/RNA adjustment is run through a post of all composes. Each compose has separate less strands of polyT RNA sticking out of it. In this step:"

"Once the mRNA is single, you shape a DNA portraiture of it using by adding polyT primers, labeled DNA nucleotides, and an enzyme unreserved as:"

A DNA portraiture of a mRNA counterfeit is unreserved as

Each blur on the DNA microaccoutre in embedded after a while

"When we say that the cDNA partial from our exemplification has hybridized to a detail blur on the accoutre, we medium that: "

"In this detail illustration, we used red-labeled DNA to rule the exemplification from _____________ construction and the bald-labeled DNA to rule the exemplification from ___________. "

After scanning the bald labeled areas and the red labeled areas, when we attach the two images, the blurs that pomp up as yellow suit to "

"In interpreting the results of this con-over, blurs on the microaccoutre that are red suit to:"

"In interpreting the results of this con-over, blurs on the the microaccoutre that are bald suit to genes that are "

"When the DNA microaccoutre con-over tells us that a enlightened calculate of genes accept been acid up (or acid down) by a assumption, the most likely explication is that "

A gene pompn by the microaccoutre to be developed is :

In the collision of this technique to peel cancer, a gene that has past bad "