SOLUTION: Sanford Brown Mod4 Marijuana & Teenagers Finding & Evaluating Resources Paper


Part I: Reinquiry Journal – Books
1. Where did you inquiry for quantitys?
The cause of the quantitys is the WorldCat database.
2. What inquiry stipulations did you use and how did you manage your diplomacy fixed on results?
(embrace enumerate of results for each inquiry). What, if any, keywords or characteristics did you add
to your inquiry menu fixed on the individual history or gratified of the quantitys?
Based on the reinquiry subject and the reinquiry questions, the inquiry stipulations used embrace;
marijuana and teenagers (2056 individuals). To scant down to a tractable register, marijuana use
(phrase) was used. Keywords such as teenagers and Colorado were applied and the inquiry register was
narrowed to 36 individuals. Other stipulations used embrace laws, marijuana use, and Colorado. 571 individuals were
identified in this condition. To scant down aid, "impacts on teenagers" characteristic was added to
limit the inquiry to merely 20 individuals.
3. Register the titles of three quantitys that appeared to engage your reinquiry needs

Marijuana Use Unarranged Adolescents in Colorado: Results from the 2013 Healthy Kids
Colorado Survey (Gruber & Colorado, 2015).


Colorado Marijuana Real Estate by Jay Hidoshi.


Use of Recreational Marijuana Sales Tax Revenues Interim Study Committee (Colorado,

4. What quantity did you choice and why?
“Marijuana use unarranged adolescents in Colorado: Results from the 2013 Healthy Kids Colorado
Survey” (Gruber & Colorado, 2015), was clarified owing it provides answers to the elimination

question which donation at identifying the impacts of marijuana use on teenagers. Moreover, the equantity gives instruction abou...

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