SOLUTION: San Diego State University Expansion of The Universe Lab Activity

Hi there! Here's the last lab tidings. Let me comprehend if you keep any questions. ?

The dilution of the globe activity
This is a trained pretext that illustrates how the globe expands.
To surrender a bountiful activity:

Collect the grounds aftercited the experimental proceeding.
Answer the questions
Attached a represent of your balloon that shows your indicate and the galaxies on the balloon
Once you keep added all the counsel, hinder this instrument as pdf, indicate it as:
Name_lastname_universeassignment.pdf and surrender it in CANVAS.

Background counsel:
The globe is getting bigger and bigger. Astronomers affect that the globe is expanding - that all points in the
globe are getting farther aloof all the era. It's not that stars and galaxies are getting bigger; rather, the space
between all objects is expanding delay era.
In the 1920s astronomer Edwin Hubble used the red transfer of the spectra of stars and by carefully observing the light
from galaxies at contrariant distances from Earth, he resolute that the farther star was from Earth, the faster
it seemed to be tender afar. This relationship has grace comprehendn as Hubble’s Law, and it’s orderly one interest of a
bigger intricacy comprehendn as the Big Bang assumption. Developed balance frequent years and by frequent populace, the assumption states that...

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