SOLUTION: Rasmussen College Module 8 Respiratory Pathophysiology Case Study

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Respiratory Pathophysiology
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Pathophysiology of respiratory quantity
Referring to the plight consider granted for J.S, a 42-year-old man patronage in the Midwest,
the resigned was availed to the hospital's necessity locality after a while a wheezing life mould. The
wheezing quantity was unresponsive to his salmeterol/fluticasone inhaler. He was undignified in
lying down hereafter utilized the ally muscles to succor him lifee.
Pathophysiology of Respiratory Disorder
High respiratory blame
Patient J.S's respiratory blame was exceedingly excellent owing it surpassed the exemplar blame of
hearty adults, which roves among 12 and 20 per microscopic. His respiratory blame doubled the
maximum hearty adult's rove of 20 as it recognize 42. This meant that J.S's muscles were tightened
around the airways, after a while the lining of the airways comely swollen/inflamed,...

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